9 Questions From The No Way Home Trailer That Need Answering

The Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer has dropped a lot of details about the movie on us and it seems we still have a lot to explore as we go through it all. There are a lot of details in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and these details are also present in the trailers that we get to see. While we don’t have the context for some of the details because the movie hasn’t come out yet, we are left pondering about what these scenes might mean. We will only get to understand and be clear about the things surrounding the trailer for the movie when it comes out on December 17. Let’s go through some of the questions from the No Way Home trailer 2, which need to be answered by the film.

When Does Doctor Strange’s Botched Spell Take Place?

One thing that was made very clear from the very beginning was the time period after which the Spider-Man sequel will take place after Spider-Man: Far From Home. There is still one thought that is still lingering in our minds, how long after the events of the botched-up spell do the villains start showing up? From the very first trailer, we saw the appearance of Doctor Octopus was an absolute surprise to Peter and this means that the effects of the failed spell took their time to show the consequences. Another thing that was keeping us pondering was why are the individual villains appearing at different times and did they actually appear together and then attacked at random times.


Where Are The Other Avengers?

This is a question that we have wondered about time and time again and it is about where are the other MCU characters. We have seen Spider-Man team up with all the other characters in the Avengers movies. There is a chance that each of these characters where avoided in this movie because the prime focus was meant to be around the world of Peter Parker. Considering the amount of chaos that the movie has indicated we can always wonder about the other characters. There is a chance that the botched-up spell might have also affected the other characters too and thus put a unique spin on the narrative. It is good that we won’t be seeing a lot of other characters in the movie because this will allow Spider-Man to be an important part of the movie amongst so many other characters.


What Is The Mystical Box That Spidey Snatches From Doctor Strange?

Questions From The No Way Home Trailer

From the very first trailer, we got to see that Doctor Strange and Spider-Man will be working together in order to work on the multiverse issue and the chaos it has created. But there will always be a moment where the duo will probably fight against each other and the reason behind it seems to be a mystical cube. There have been a lot of rumors about the cube being some sort of means of keeping the villains from causing havoc in New York. The second trailer shows that Spider-Man will snatch the box from Strange and this is what causes the latter to use the soul punch that pushes out Peter Parker’s soul from Spider-Man. There is a chance that this very box will become a significant part of the future of the MCU.


Is Doc Ock Good In No Way Home?

The most exciting thing about the first trailer for the movie was definitely when we got to see Alfred Molina reprise his role as Doctor Octopus. His appearance in the role was one of the biggest theories surrounding the movie and it clearly indicated that we will get to see a lot more other villains in the movie. The highway battle scene was something that was hinted at in a lot of the promotional and marketing material for the movie. Most of this indicated that Doctor Octopus attacks Spider-Man but the second trailer puts a twist on this as we see him working with Peter Parker. We do see Doc Ock find out that he doesn’t identify with the Peter Parker he has come across.


How Many Villains Are Yet To Appear In No Way Home?

While the first trailer only teased the presence of villains other than Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus, the second trailer clearly confirmed that we will see a lot more villains. These villains include Electro, Sandman, and Lizard. There have been various rumors that indicate that the Sinister Six will appear in the movie but that means there is one more villain yet to be shown. While there was the presence of a mystery character who resembled Goblin, there was also the post-credits scene of Sony’s Venom: Let There Be Carnage. It clearly indicated Venom has also arrived in the MCU now. The trailer is yet to confirm if we will actually get to see the Sinister Six in the movie.


Will Peter Be Able To Save The Villains From Their Fates?

Other than fighting all these villains in Spider-Man: No Way Home the friendly neighborhood superhero will also have the responsibility of saving the fates of all these villains. The argument between Doctor Strange and Spider-Man probably takes place because both of them have different plans for the villains. Various moments from the trailer indicate that the villains are aware of their fate and want to live. Electro tells Peter that, “You are not gonna take this away from me.” Here “this” might mean the chance of living again that Electro has now that he has appeared in the MCU due to the Multiverse. There is yet to be any indication of how Spider-Man will manage to save the villains from their fates.


Who Is The Character In The Green Goblin Glider?

In a blink-and-you-will-miss moment from the second trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home we get to see an interesting character who seems to resemble Green Goblin. The character is in a glider and seems to be surrounded by various of the rotating blades that we have previously seen in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies. Fans are wondering if this is James Franco’s or Dane DeHaan’s Harry Osborn from the previous Spider-Man movies. There are also theories that this will actually be an update on the costume for Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin and hence it will not be a new character. Even though we haven’t gotten a clearer look at the character, we are left wondering if it will be the sixth member of the Sinister Six.


Did Marvel Edit Out Andrew Garfield And Tobey Maguire From The Second Trailer?

Questions From The No Way Home Trailer

There have been various rumors over the years that indicate that we will be seeing the past Spider-Men appear in the movie. While both the actors, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have denied their involvement in the movie, the fans are still convinced that the actors will be a part of the movie. That’s based on the various leaks we have seen over the past few months. But a particular moment from the trailer clearly indicates the presence of someone who has been edited out. During the scene where we see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man dive straight for the villains, each villain is seen facing something or someone else while only Sandman seems to be aiming for Holland’s Spider-Man. Another detail shows that Lizard experience some sort of attack on his face which means that someone has been edited and this character is fighting Lizard. 


Who Ends Up Saving MJ From Facing The Same Fate As Gwen Stacy From The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

The trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home indicates that we will get to see a lot of nods to the previous Spider-Man movies. These include the multiple villains all belonging to the different Spider-Man movies. Another particular moment sees MJ falling off the scaffolding and as she falls Spider-Man reaches for her. This scene reminds us of the moment where Gwen Stacey was seen falling down as Spider-Man dives to save her but fails. The long shot of Spider-Man’s hand reaching to save her is cut to a close shot as we see a hand reaching her. We are still to find out who actually ends up saving MJ because this is also the very moment where the other Spider-Men are probably fighting the other villains. Maybe Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man ends up saving her because it reminds him of Gwen Stacy.

So these were all the questions from the No Way Home trailer that we want answers for. Do you have some other questions in your mind? Let us know.

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