4 Amazing Abilities of Thor’s Mjolnir You Probably Don’t Know About

The God of Thunder and on of the most strongest Asgardians, Thor possesses indestructible God-like powers. He can manipulate energy to a vast extent and is highly potential to survive blasts from Celestials. He wields a powerful hammer called Mjolnir, which is capable of opening passageways through time and space. Forged from Uru metal, the hammer has the ability to absorb energies, preserve enchantment and is highly durable. Moreover, it allows Thor to manipulate electromagnetic spectrum and gravity. The cinematic comic book universe has depicted the use of the hammer, but you have not seen several abilities of it. Check out four amazing abilities and uses of Mjolnir.

 1. The enhancement

A strong enchantment encapsulating the Mjolnir does let any unworthy person touch it. Only the Beta Ray Bill, Captain America, and Red Norvell are the worry wielders. It is impossible for an underserved to even drag it an inch from its place. Check what Captain America said about the hammer. “I’ve never wielded such limitless power before! It’s almost intoxicating!”

2. Thor’s mystical link with hammer

The hammer follows every command of Thor no matter how far it is from him. It can reach from any occasion and go through anything to reach Thor, even through centers of the planet. Moreover, if he leaves the hammer for more than 60 seconds, he will leave his god-like superpowers and return to his normal civilian state.

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