10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Thor That Marvel Will Never Let You Know

Facts About Thor: 

The God of Thunder is known by many as one of the strongest Avengers out there in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He can bench press a mountain, face off against the Hulk and live to tell the tale and (almost) defeated Thanos in Infinity War. He is nigh unstoppable. Possessing the godly power to control and manipulate storms, Thor is the Norse God of Thunder and Lightning, an ability that has come in handy many a times in the movies as well as the comic books. But there are still facts about him, even after 10 years of cinematic brilliance on Chris Hemsworth’s part that we still do not know about. We are here to shine some light on those unsung truths. Presenting – 10 Mind-blowing facts about Thor that Marvel will never let you know!!

 10. He was a frog

Facts About Thor Marvel

Loki is always seen as evil and cunning in comic books. He is treated the same way in the movies. You could never guess what goes on in his nifty little head. In the comics, the writers took Loki’s God of Mischief moniker to the next level when they released a storyline where Loki uses his magic to turn Thor into an actual frog. As if that was not strange enough, Thor was actually involved in a war between Rat Gods and Frog Gods in New York City’s Central Park area. Thor would later regain his hammer and turn into a bipedal Frogman and save the day. But it was only Volstagg of the Warriors Three who would later help him get back his blond haired and blue eyed looks.

 9. There is someone way worthier of Mjolnir than him

Facts About Thor Marvel

Anyone worthy enough can wield the power of Thor. To be precise, anyone who is willing to sacrifice his life and put his neck on the line to save those of others is worthy to wield Mjolnir, which holds the power of Thor. Many heroes like Captain America and even Superman have been deemed worthy to wield Mjolnir. But there is someone who is actually more worthy than Thor when it comes to lifting Mjolnir.

Facts About Thor Marvel

Beta Ray Bill is the warrior guardian of the Korbinite race. When Thor mistook him for a villain and fought him, Bill easily kicked his butt by lifting Mjolnir but refused to kill him. As a reward for his honesty and valor, Odin ordered the dwarves to forge another hammer for Beta Ray Bill, the Storm Breaker axe, which is now the signature weapon of Thor in the MCU.

 8. Iron Man created a Thor clone that became a serial killer

Facts About Thor Marvel

During the events of Civil War, Iron Man was leading one superhero faction that was pro Superhuman Registration Act against Captain America’s superhero faction that valued personal liberty and freedom. Thor was absent during the events of the storyline. But Iron Man needed to let the world know that the powerful Norse God of Thunder is on Team Iron Man’s Good side. So he used a few strands of hair to clone Thor and assisted by Hank Pym aka Ant-Man, created an android clone of Thor. The clone was created with the objective of containing powerful superheroes on Captain America’s side. It went rogue pretty quickly. After killing Giant Man, the clone ended up killing a lot of other heroes before Thor returned and destroyed it for good.

 7. He nuked Communist China

Facts About Thor Marvel

We are not kidding. This was actually canon back then. Probably still is. Back in those days, Marvel Comic book writers were really ignorant of other cultures. And it showed in the way they conjured up storylines. In one issue, Thor fights Radioactive Man, China’s Super Soldier, and is defeated. Radioactive Man throws Thors’ hammer into the ocean and goes on his merry way to turn Ney York into a radioactive wasteland. Thor quickly comes back with his hammer, stops Radioactive Man and uses a tornado to dump him back in China. Radioactive Man warns him to not drop him so fast otherwise he will reach critical mass and explode. Thor does not pay any heed. The guy falls and goes nuclear, killing millions of Chinese instantly.

 6. He has another half-brother who eats Gods

Facts About Thor Marvel

In one issue, Thor finds out that Frigga, Odin’s Wife, and Thor’s mother, is not actually his biological mother. The same issue drops one big revelation. Odin had a quickie with Gaea, the Goddess of Nature and Earth. She gave birth to Thor later, which is why Thor has such a huge fascination with Earth. Gaea has one more son called Atum. Atum is generally a nice guy but when push comes to shove, he becomes the Demogorge, the God Eating entity that kills Gods and eats them to absorb their powers. Demogorge only kills demonic Gods and does not harm benevolent beings. But sometimes, his fights spill into the extreme such as when his fight with the Egyptian God Set led to the extinction of the Dinosaurs.

 5. He helped Hitler kill Stalin in World War Two

Facts About Thor Marvel

In Avengers #33, the Invaders superhero team realize that the Norse God of Thunder, Thor, is aiding Hitler in bringing down Joseph Stalin, the Soviet Leader that would be instrumental in bringing down the Axis powers later. Hitler aims to use all the Norse Gods and summon them to help him win the war. When Thor kills Stalin, it turns out to be Union Jack in disguise. He later realizes that Hitler was just using him he absorbs back the lightning bolt that killed Union Jack and brings him back to life.

 4. He rebuilt Asgard as a Floating City above Oklahoma

Facts About Thor Marvel

When Asgard was destroyed after the events of Ragnarok, Thor led the exodus of the surviving Asgardians to Midgard, that is, Earth. There they bought off land from a farmer by allowing him to take whatever treasures he wanted from Asgard’s vaults. The New Asgard was built as a floating new haven over Oklahoma. The city was not subject to US Law since it was not on US Soil anymore. Norman Osborn, who is the President at the time, manipulates the nation into believing that the City is a threat and uses Sentry, a Superman knockoff, to destroy New Asgard.

 3. He becomes a God of Magic and fights a Phoenix Force Wolverine

Facts About Thor Marvel

In one recent issue taking place gazillions of years in the future, the Universe is nearing its end. There is no more energy left to churn the furnace of creation. Thor is the only God left alive, who has now mastered all forms of magic. When Wolverine comes possessed with the Phoenix Force to end all remaining life and give the Universe a fresh start, Thor fights him to protect what he has managed to build till date. The fight is one huge and brilliant cosmic opera.

 2. Thor’s Girlfriend becomes Thor after Thor is deemed unworthy

Facts About Thor Marvel

After Nick Fury gave away a huge secret, Thor became ridden with the guilt of holding such a secret and became unworthy of Mjolnir. The hammer ended up in the hands of Jane Foster, a recovering cancer patient then, who became the new Thor. But it came with a catch – every time Jane transformed into the Goddess of Thunder, the chemotherapy that cured her cancer would be undone little by little until one final transformation will bring back her cancer. She died a hero’s death in a later issue.

 1. He is a left-leaning politician

Facts About Thor Marvel

In the Ultimates Universe, Thor uses not his hammer to become a national icon. Instead, he relies on political campaigns and writing about the dangers of the New Age America that is dominated by the Military Industrial Complex that wins him, followers. This is in stark contrast to the way people view Thor – the living embodiment of what America truly represents. The revelation that Thor can also be a Hammer wielding Thunder God came to light only later in that universe when he led an army of Gods to Planet Earth. Bet you never saw this coming did you!!

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