How Banner Became The Most Powerful Version Of The Hulk – The Blue Hulk

Blue Hulk: The Most Powerful Version

The Hulk is the true powerhouse of Avengers. Thor might call himself the strongest Avenger, but people forget that the Hulk’s true potential has not yet been used in the MCU. The Hulk has been used in small doses mostly for smashing aliens and monsters. He was recently used to bring everyone back to life, but it’s sad that his arm has been permanently damaged before we could get to see other crazy versions of the Mighty Hulk that are so popular in the comics.

Blue Hulk The Most Powerful Version

In the comics, Hulk has transformed into the Grey Hulk called Joe Fixit. We have also seen him transform into Devil Hulk. Then there’s the zombie Hulk from the Marvel Zombies Universe. Professor Hulk is the persona that Avengers Endgame adopted by giving us Smart Hulk. There’s also a version called The Immortal Hulk. Other versions of Hulk include Amadeus Cho Hulk, Thunderbolt Ross’ Red Hulk and the Hulk.  that Bruce Banner Jr. transforms into. But none of these versions of the Hulk are as strong as the cosmic Hulk or you may know him better as the Blue Hulk. Not even Maestro can match that level of power.

The Blue Hulk showed up in the story Captain Universe/Incredible Hulk written by Jay Faerber and Carlos Magno where Bruce Banner got a cosmic upgrade by bonding with them for a short while. In the Captain Universe crossover, many Marvel Heroes bonded with the uni-power, but surely Hulk was the strongest among them. For those uninitiated, the uni-power is the cosmic power connected to the quantum realm (or the Microverse in the comics). It originates from the Enigma Force and bestows omnipotent cosmic powers on the individuals it bonds with. Whoever bonds with the Uni-power becomes the Captain Universe.

Blue Hulk The Most Powerful Version

We only got to see your short run for the Captain Universe Hulk or the Blue Hulk, but he proved himself to be insanely strong, as he did quite a bit of smashing with this new upgraded cosmic powers. Banner was trying to be left alone so he ended up in a wasteland where he gets caught in a bear trap. To escape from the bear trap he turns into the hulk and suddenly finds a second voice within his head. It is the voice of the uni-power which calms down the Jade Giant. As you may know, the universe has its own conscience, and it was actually in need of someone’s help to a scientist named Doctor Wiles. The power was inconsistent and fluctuating, so it wanted to figure out what was really wrong with it. Since Doctor Wiles had bonded with the Uni-power for a while previously (fending off a terrorist attack on a plane), he is sort of the expert on the case. He had been studying the Uni-power ever since then, so he could learn how it could be used for the good of humanity.

The Hulk turns back to Banner, who is hesitant to help the uni-power because Doctor Wiles was located in the densely populated New York. But still he does go on to help the power and reaches New York to meet Doctor Wiles. But here they encounter the boss of Doctor Wiles, the benefactor of the Uni-power operation, David Garrett. He works for some villainous people whose intentions to use cosmic power are not as noble. He realizes the fact that Banner is carrying the Uni-power and attacks him with his minion robots.

Blue Hulk The Most Powerful Version

Banner turns into the Hulk and does a bit of smashing until those robots emit radiation that weakens the mighty Hulk. So to give the Hulk a better fighting chance, Doctor Wiles pulls off a maneuver that not only removes Hulk’s weakness, but it gives him a massive power upgrade from the Uni-power. Hulk turns blue and smashes the bots within seconds while yelling he is the strongest one there is. The maneuver from Doctor Wiles solves the problem with the Uni-power and gives us a brief stint from the most powerful version if the Hulk. Sadly, we only get to see the Blue Hulk for this short while as he jumps away and the Uni-power now moves away to Daredevil to make him the Captain Universe.

Just imagine how insanely strong Captain Universe Hulk would’ve been. His strength could level planets!

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