Marvel Reveals How The Hulk Could Be Physically Damaged

Apart from the Hulk’s snap, we have not really seen anything that could cause an effective physical damage for the Hulk. His gamma affected body heals of every wound, but the one from the Stark Gauntlet turned out to he permanent. But this wound was actually caused by Hulk himself. None of opponents have had a seriously damaging effect upon the Green Goliath. Thanos did give him the beat down of a lifetime, Abomination stabbed him and Fenris bit him, but all of those wounds healed quite soon. But in the recent issue of Avengers of the Wastelands #4, we get to see how Hulk can be effectively taken down.

For those uninitiated, Wastelands is set in the Old Man Logan era, after the death of Wolverine. Everything in this storyline shows how bleak the future of Marvel is. The situation is almost like we saw in Mad Max: Fury Road, and it is Doctor Doom who reigns over the Wastelands. The heroes are still keeping up the good fight. In fact, we recently got to see how brutal Ant-Man could get with one of his most underrated attacks. He caused billions of Ants cover up the villains and eat every piece of living tissue on their bodies. What he left behind was nothing but the Skeletons of the villains.

Hulk Could Be Physically Damaged

But before Ant-Man ended the fight with just one move, we got to see how the rest of the heroes suffered against the likes of Green Goblin, Wild Child, Enchantress, Shocker and MODOK. In this issue, the Avengers discover how Doctor Doom is systematically leading to the destruction of cities in order to find them. So during one of their fights, Bruce Banner Jr. aka the Hulk (the Son of Bruce Banner) discovers a doombot which had the location coordinates of where Doom’s next assault was going to take place.

Hulk Could Be Physically Damaged

Following the coordinates, the Avengers reach the Osborn city where they see the dead bodies of the past heroes hanging from the pillars. The heroes did have an intuition that they were walking into a trap, and that turned out to be true. As soon as they reach within the city a massive door gets shut behind them, and they realize that their assumptions were right. They were trapped and get attacked by Dooms followers and villains.

Considering that there was a Hulk in the team, the villain Wild Child had a move in his mind. He leaps and plunges his claws into the eyes of Bruce Jr. He knew that Hulk’s skin was impenetrable, so he instead went for the eyes and left a lot of blood dripping out of Bruce’s eyes. So, keep in mind that by attacking the eyes of the Hulk, he can get severely damaged.

Hulk Could Be Physically Damaged

Every hero certainly has a weakness, and  it is important for them to be vulnerable in some ways for the stories to feel sensible and intense. Even though we are yet to zee the best of the Hulk in the MCU, we still might not get to see what happened here in the Avengers of the Wastelands #4. But rest assured, Hulk is still destined for greatness. It’d be interesting to see how his story continues with the likes She-Hulk and other future companions.

She-Hulk arrives sometime in 2022.

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