Here’s the Plausible Evidence that Evil Strange is in No Way Home

Spider-Man is a character that draws a lot of awe from fans, especially comic lovers. Peter Parker was the first character in the comics to have his thoughts fleshed out so clearly for the reader. This enabled old-school storytellers to focus on exposition through the protagonist. We often only know as much as he knows and this brings a very different kind of flavor to the adventure. However, the thing with the MCU is that we have so much interconnected media that we start to see little references everywhere. Sometimes they mean nothing, other times, they reveal everything. You see, we noticed something in Episode 4 of What if…? Did you notice that the Evil Strange is in No Way Home? Read on to find out how What If Episode 4 connects with No Way Home. Did you spot Evil Strange is in No Way Home?

This week’s episode started with our favorite Sorcerer Supreme rocking it up as a surgeon in his old life. He loves fast cars, expensive watches, and a beautiful capable woman. It is his hedonistic existence that defines this man. The writers make us recall this fact by using the Lamborghini. The only difference this time is that Christine is with Steven in the car. They look to be in love but fate doesn’t allow it. As Marvel fans know, the Lamborghini eventually clashes by the side of a cliff, however, this time Strange loses his heart, not his hands.

Evil Strange is in No Way Home

Christine dies and an estranged I am driving, text you in a bit Strange loses all hope, and seeks out the mystic arts. As the Ancient One explains later, this is an absolute point in time and cannot be changed. But still, the “I am driving, text you in a bit” Strange goes into a frenzy and ends up destroying his entire universe. He doesn’t stop until it’s too late all the damage was done and we were made to stare into the dark eternal abyss of a Universe in MCU’s Multiverse.


The Warning Signs

All the signs that Strange Supreme got and he still did not stray from the path of Evil. This highlights the length of his delusion, which is way beyond anything we had seen in the MCU before. The greatest warning came not from the ancient one but a new character entirely. Sorcerer O’Bengh warned Strange time and again that the power he seeks was never meant for man. Yet Evil Strange persists and ends up becoming Strange Supreme. The ancient one foresaw this and split his timeline before it devolved further.


However, even Dr. Strange could not stand up to Strange Supreme. The simple reason was that Strange had the power of numerous Mystic Beasts welling up inside him. After Strange’s self-sabotaging universe destroying power trip we came to realize something. It was all foreshadowed, but more than that, it was foreshadowed to be connected to the MCU. The showrunners have already disclosed that this series would be canon to the MCU then it will come as no surprise if they want to use the character again. And they probably are going to given the fact we see Evil Strange in the trailer meeting up with Captain Carter.


Evil Strange is in No Way Home

The question is how is Strange going to get out of his little pocket universe and how far will his reach go. O’Bengh’s words got us thinking. He says to Strange “You are only half a man, living half a life”. This is interesting but also peculiar because Doctor Strange says to Spider-Man in the NWH trailer, ”The problem is you trying to live two different lives.” In the case of the former, the timeline was split into two while in the case of the latter the multiverse has burst open.


Strange Supreme in NWH

The words and terms used here are very important because they signify what is happening in the MCU. Like The ancient one split Strange Supreme’s timeline, it seems that Peter’s interference has broken the multiverse around him. This means that the Sorcerer guiding through this is more likely to be Strange Supreme rather than OG Dr Strange. He may not have his evil cloak an evil look but he is still capable of defending the multiverse and maybe he is doing just that by helping Peter.


The premise is shaky and we have no conclusive proof other than the aforementioned play on words. But we have a feeling that such an interesting character cannot be discarded by the showrunners just like that. It might be an interesting idea to have the Universe destroyer become the protector of the multiverse. Certainly would be a ‘Strange’ turn of events. We cannot wait to see it. Let us know your opinions in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC and Hollywood.

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