Why Spider-Man Does Not Have Organic Webbing In The MCU

The MCU has had to fight hard to be able to get Spider-Man to their universe. For a very long time, it was a running meme on the online community that Peter was not welcome to the table of the Avengers. Fans knew that the movie rights for the characters had been sold to Sony a long time ago and to get him into a Disney production would be a corporate nightmare. But Marvel has a habit of listening to fans and their directors so they did their best to work out a deal in time for Captain America: Civil War. This brought Spidey back to Marvel after two separate iterations of the character in the Sony Universe. Today we try to answer Why Spider-Man does not have Organic webbing in the MCU.

The story starts in The Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield Peter Parker inventing his web-shooters. The approach of Sony differed from that of Sam Raimi’s. Raimi used the organic web shooting to set up the Tobey Maguire losing his powers, but now the filmmakers were part of that storyline. So the executives thought it would be a good idea to make Peter Parker more comic accurate. You see, in the comics, Peter has never had organic webbing. Although some comic storylines hint at it, it has never become a staple of his character sketch. The focus has always been on Parker’s genius and his tinkering.


We did see a bit of it in Far From Home, this may also contribute as to why MCU also made the choice to keep the webbing mechanical. Comic accuracy is always appreciated by the fans but the creative team at Marvel went a step further. They used this to integrate Peter into the MCU and we’re certainly not complaining. What’s great is that they actually did it right, unlike The Amazing Spider-Man franchise.


The Inventor

You see, MCU played a cool trick on us. They wanted Peter to have his coming to age arc on-screen but different than what we are used to. So we got Tony Stark inducing the young soldier at a time of need. Spider-Man became Iron Man’s protege in the MCU, and marvel secretly established their headliner for Phase 4. But the thing was Peter still needed his arc, and with Uncle Ben’s death in the path and his powers fully realized there was a lack in character buildup. Marvel had a plan for that. They showed us how Peter had the capability to utilize the mechanical web shooters similar to his comic counterpart.


Then they showed us in Spider-Man Homecoming that he had capable friends who can help him access his suit’s full functionality. Although that may have been a tad too much tinkering. But it established what it needed to establish. The fact that Peter had an intellect to match Tony and that he was capable enough to take over as Iron Man come the hero’s death in Endgame.


As things stand after Tony’s Snap, the first outing that the hero got was Spider-Man: Far From Home. This movie revolved around Peter getting accustomed to the responsibility of being Spider-Man. Unlike Saimi’s trilogy, it had less to do with Peter and more to with his alter ego. Peter had to accept himself, what he was capable of, and the responsibility on his shoulders. It was represented in the movie as Peter’s ability to self-actualize and perfect his Spidey sense. You may be inclined to call it “Peter Tingle” just for laughs.


I am Spider-Man

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Peter’s tech-savvy, his battle with Mysterio, and his mastery of spidey-sense (Peter Tingle) were all to signify his maturity. To highlight the fact that he was ready to step up, to be the hero we need. Hence, it was pretty obvious that the MCU creative heads chose to reveal his identity to the public. It was his own “I am Iron-Man” moment. This ensured that the Spider-Man we knew would transform into the next leaders the MCU and the Avengers.

Something that the story definitely needs is a protagonist to take over after Stark who took over from Thanos who took over from Stark. The Tony to Peter transition is not surprising and neither is the fact that Peter would have an intellect to match. His tinkering with Tony’s devices started in the first movie and now things have come full circle. We are to delve into the multiverse now. Unchartered territory for everyone in the sacred timeline, much less Spider-Man. Do you think our explanation makes sense, let us know in the comments below.


Spider-Man No Way Home is coming to theatres on December 17. Until then keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC and Hollywood.

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