5 Ice Cream Flavors That Don’t Get Enough Credit

The majority of the world’s population is obsessed with chocolate flavored anything be it cake, ice creams, fudge, pie, the list goes on. But have you ever taken a chance and tried something new for a change? It’s not like chocolate is going to run away the minute you sample the blue ice cream or maybe the red one.

Here’s a list of a few ice cream flavors that are often overshadowed by the “Chocolate King” and do not get the credit they deserve.

  1. Vanilla


Oh my god! It is awful how often people overlook one of the most consistent, loyal ice cream flavours there is. In the craze for all things chocolate, we often forget the innocent vanilla-simple, sweet, plain old vanilla which can be paired with anything! Imagine having gulab jamun with chocolate ice cream? Eeks! It wouldn’t be the same now, would it?

  1. Coffee


This is one for the college students, who need to stay up at night doing assignments (I feel you). Sweet with a slight bitterness, it leaves behind the best aftertaste there is. It makes you feel more like an adult.

Imagine telling the person in the parlour in a deep voice “I’ll have the coffee ice cream”. Wow! Sounds better than, “I’ll have an orange lic lollee please”.  Don’t want to chug a caffeinated drink to stay awake? Have a bowl of coffee ice cream!

  1. Strawberry


I will never be able to understand why this flavor is often met with hatred or disgust. Some people even refuse to eat it just because it’s pink in colour! That is just plain WEIRD. Some guys even shy away from ordering it because it’s perceived as a “girly” flavor. Gender stereotyping much?

Strawberry has its own charm. It’s sweet, delicious and definitely not “in your face” like the super fancy tutti frutti, ugh. Go ahead, don’t worry about what others will think and order a nice pink scoop!


  1. Pistachio


Not many people talk about pistachio ice cream. Why is that? It’s one of the few ice creams that are different from the mainstream ones. Made out of pistachio nuts, it’s innovative, different, and has a pleasantly novel flavour. And who could forget the fact that it is green in colour! That’s refreshing isn’t it? This mind blowing flavor is also often used in kulfis. Next time, give the normal kulfi a break and try the green one!

  1. Butterscotch


My favorite flavor in the whole wide world is butterscotch. It is one of the yummiest ice cream flavours on the planet. The smooth creamy texture embedded with nutty bits of butterscotch candy. Simply amazing! Even better when it’s in a cone form, as you can taste the brittle-y toffee bits along with the wafer like cone. It’s the most exquisite crunchy and creamy delight!

M. Megha

A passionate writer, artist, movie buff and a hard core non vegetarian, she enjoys trying new and different things. Comedy and thriller movies are her sources of comfort. A student of psychology, she finds the subject fascinating and often incorporates it into the occasional fictional pieces she pens down.
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