7 Women Who Change Men More Often Than They Change Clothes

Hollywood is a place where we get to see new couples every day and it is not shocking to see how celebrities get along with new people in a certain time period. Talking about the love life, there are a number of famous women who are always trending as they are spotted with new partners and there is always something cooking up in between them. So here we bring you seven women who change guys more often they change their clothes.

 1. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a super star of the entertainment industry and she is one of the best-selling musicians today. Besides that, she is known for her short-term relationships with celebs. And it seems like she is more into dating British men.

2. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson has kids from a couple of men she dated and married, but it seems like she is simply irresistible. Some of the guys are Danny Fujikawa, Diplo, and Nick Jonas. Although, it is a good list.

3. Cameron Diaz

Currently tied with Benji Madden, Cameron Diaz is infamous for dating different men. Talking about short-lived relationships, she comes in the among top entries of the category.

4. Madonna

Madonna is known for hanging out with guys younger to her. The pop-queen has always made headlines for her affairs with younger men. She first got married in 1985, divorced in 1989. Later on, she married in 2000 and divorced in 2008. Moreover, she has dated young celebs like Timor Steffens, Alex Rodriguez, Chris Paciello and Brahim Zaibat.

5. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is another pop sensation. She has dated a number of celebs before and after she married Marc Anthony. And then came Sean “Puff” Daddy Combs and Chris Judd. After that, she decided to move on to The Dark Knight, Ben Affleck.

6. Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton won the fame game after a leaked sex-footage with her boyfriend. She was rumored to be dating celebs like Thomas Gross, Afrojack, Josh Upshaw, River Viper and Todd Phillips.

7. Ariana Grande


Since she entered into the spotlight, Ariana Grande is famous for dating different guys. Before Alvarez, she dated Big Sean and this just goes on.

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