The Flash Season 4: This Character Is Getting Insane Superpowers

The Flash Season 4 is already through with 10 episodes and it is attracting a good amount of viewership. It is really trying to break the mould this time. All the previous seasons had the Scarlett Speedster battling another member of the speed force. It was always him who was faster at the end of the day in each season of the Flash.

Season 1 introduced us to the nefarious Reverse Flash. Season 2 showed us the terror of Zoom. Season 3 gave us a treat in the form of the Sinister Savitar. Fans were also led to believe that Season 4 will also feature a Speedster villain that will again try to outrun the Flash. But they were proved wrong.

At the end of the season 3, speedforce became extremely volatile causing massive earthquakes which would have wiped the entire Central city. In order to control the situation, the Flash voluntarily decided to go inside the speedforce as deep down he held himself guilty of causing Flashpoint timeline.

When things became totally out of control for Team Cisco, he had to use speedforce bazooka on which he was working for months and pulled Barry Allen out of the force without it knowing about it. The Flash came back and this time more powerful than ever, as if he has been reborn.

The Flash Season 4 took us into a battle that was based not on who was Faster but who was Smarter. Todd Helbing, the maker of ‘The Flash’ had this to say about him:

“The Thinker literally is the smartest guy on the planet, so there’s a lot of chess pieces that he’s moving around simultaneously. As our team is figuring out who he is and what they think the plan is, there’s a lot of fun as we show the audience information and then have our team catch up to that information or surpass it. It’s a big mystery.”

He said:

“I think having Zoom and then followed up by Savitar, you know, I can understand that feeling. It’s because trying to reinvent, you know, like a new power for an evil speedster or what they can do … Like we can’t have it just who’s faster for the entirety of a series.”

He added:

“There are certainly speedsters in the cannon of Flash that we want to explore and we want on the show and everybody… Like Reverse Flash to me personally is one of my favorite villains, one of my favorite speedsters, so I’d love that guy to pop up now and then, you know what I mean? But I think it was refreshing, and it’s just been a lot of fun this year not having to constantly come up with new ideas of how a speedster could pose a threat to Barry. So, it’s fun, and it’s new, and it’s a new challenge, but I think having speedsters in the mythology of the show is never going to change.”

The Thinker aka Clifford Devoe is one of The Flash’s most endearing enemies in the comic books. One of the smartest minds on Earth, Devoe has outsmarted the Flash and his speed with meticulous planning and God-like physical predictions to always stay one step ahead of the Fastest Man Alive. The Thinker is the smartest man alive who already knows outcomes of every step of his enemies. He has proven to be more terrifying than the previous speedster villains.

While Devoe was loved by the fans for the sheer aura of Evil he emanates in the show, the Thinker’s comic book accuracy was a thing that something any TV Show based villain would envy to possess. Till now, the Flash has been physically tested by his adversaries, but this time his mental capacity will be tested and a new kind of challenge will be presented to him.

The Arrowverse’s choice of using the Thinker as the big bad of Season 4 was a surprise that was welcome and a twist to a clichéd storyline that was all the more necessary.

While Season 4 may be getting all kinds of Crazy Talk *Ahem Ahem* We are the Flash *Ahem Ahem*, it is still one of the most profitable shows of The CW.


Compared to this point of time back in Season3, Season 4 has already surpassed Season 3 with more TRP and viewership. Surprised?? Me too!!! And just when you thought that the Flash could not throw anything you can’t digest, it throws another nuclear bomb at your ass.


What if I tell you that another member of the Flash Core members is getting new superpowers. And they are pretty insane/awesome.

Team Flash consists of the following metahumans – Killer Frost, Vibe, Plastic Man and Kid Flash. So you can say they are pretty much packed with the punch. But since the Arrowverse has given its judgment, one more member of The Flash will be getting cool new superpowers.

The Midseason premiere of The Flash began with ‘The Trial of The Flash’ arc where Barry Allen was framed by Clifford Devoe for Devoe’s own death.

Devoe has transferred his consciousness to another body while the former lifeless husk is used to make it seem like Barry killed the Paraplegic.

The post mid-season finale episodes promise all kinds of trouble for Team Flash who will have to make do without Barry Allen this time.

While Barry now faces a criminal sentence, his lawyer aka Cecile (girlfriend of Detective Joe West) suggested some interesting ideas to prevent Barry from ending up behind bars. One of those ideas included revealing the true identity of Barry Allen to the whole Central city which Barry out rightly rejected. Another was insanity plea which was not even tried.

Barry Allen has been imprisoned for life and he won’t use his speed powers to escape and become a fugitive. So, what else can happen in the rest of the season that will shock the fans? How about someone outside Team Flash getting unbelievable powers?


The CW released the synopsis for the Flash Season 4 Episode 12 and it promises some interesting turn of events. The Episode is titles – Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash:

THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MEN — A meta who can shrink anything he touches battles Team Flash. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Ralph (guest star Hartley Sawyer) get caught in his crossfire and are shrunk to miniature versions of themselves. Cecile (guest star Danielle Nicolet) realizes her pregnancy has caused her to have temporary powers and discovers she can hear other people’s thoughts, which unnerves Joe (Jesse L. Martin). Meanwhile, Barry (Grant Gustin) meets someone with a mysterious connection to Henry Allen. Chris Peppe directed the episode written by Sam Chalsen & Judalina Neira.

Wait how does Cecile start reading minds?? Is it one of her latent mutant abilities or is it something else? The Particle Accelerator Explosion could have infused latent meta-genes inside her or Joe. The Meta-genes could have then been transferred to the fetus growing inside Cecile who now ends up reading other people’s thoughts.

This would mean that the meta-gene can stay dormant in one person and get passed on to become active in the next generation. The revelations for the Arrowverse are huge if that is indeed the case. A whole new breed of Metahumans could spring up in The CW universe.

The Flash will return with a brand new episode on CW on Tuesday at 9:00.

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