Next Form of Vegeta is More Powerful Than Ultra Instinct. He Finally Surpasses Goku!!

Next Form of Vegeta is More Powerful Than Goku:

We all love underdogs. The Entertainment industry thrives on the tale of an underdog who makes it against all odds. In the anime industry, the King of all Underdogs will always be Vegeta, the Saiyan Prince. Ever since he came into the fray in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta has been a very reliable member of the Z Fighter squadron. Although extremely powerful, he has always remained second to Goku in terms of combat skills. The Dragon Ball fans have started to root so much for Vegeta that many of us want him to do exactly what he has always been dreaming to achieve – to find a way and become stronger than Goku, his ultimate rival. And it looks like he will finally be able to achieve it this time.

He is undoubtedly one of the strongest warriors in not just Universe 7 but the entire Dragon Ball Multi-Verse. He has the power, skill, a desire to become stronger. Whilst, the Angel Attendant of Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7, was so impressed by his strength that he claimed he was willing to offer him the role of Universe 7’s new God of Destruction. Despite living all his life under Goku’s shadow, Vegeta’s zeal to improve and better him-self against all odds has won him the respect of all Dragon Ball fans.

Next Form of Vegeta is More Powerful Than Goku

In Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta finally managed to bridge the gap somewhat. But the writers of Dragon Ball again sucker-punched the Saiyan Prince when they gave Gokua whole new ability that was once exclusive only to the Gods. Goku gained Ultra Instinct and Vegeta was again left in Goku’s wake, coughing up dust.

Ultra Instinct is Dragon Ball’s most powerful technique to ever exist. It is even more potent and powerful than the Super Saiyan God transformation. When Goku achieved this new power, Vegeta might even have subconsciously realized that he might never be able to catch up to his rival. But we believe that greater things are in store for Vegeta. All he needs to do is wait it out for the right moment.

Ultra Instinct is an ability that taps onto the user’s ability to be guided via divine intuition and pure instinct. This allows a warrior to drastically cut down on the time lag between thought and action. As a result, the Master of Ultra Instinct always uses minimal efforts and no wasted movements in a fight, using agility and speed far superior to anyone has ever seen in combat. Only Gods like Whis and Beerus had shown the ability in action. Goku is the first mortal to ever access its power.

We will start with the Bad News First. There is a high possibility that Vegeta will never be able to achieve Ultra Instinct. Ever since Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta has always trailed behind Goku. It is this aspect that has driven him as a warrior. The thought of being second to another Saiyan is what makes Vegeta train harder and improve his battle skills. Throughout Dragon Ball Z, Goku manages to surpass himself more and more. He is the first one to achieve Super Saiyan. He unlocks Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3 as well while Vegeta is stuck at Super Saiyan 2. By the start of Dragon Ball Super, Goku achieves Super Saiyan God. This only makes Vegeta detest his power even more and force him to train harder.

Next Form of Vegeta is More Powerful

That is the exact reason why at the end of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta bridges the gap between him and Goku. His jealousy towards Goku’s skills is what pushes him to transform into Super Saiyan Blue. By the end of Whis’ training, Goku and Vegeta are at the same level of power. The race is finally over. But then Goku achieves Ultra Instinct and again the odds tilted in his favor.

This has claimed on record that it is easier for Goku to achieve Ultra Instinct and nigh impossible for Vegeta to do the same because mastering this skill requires a warrior to let go of his mental inhibitions. For Vegeta, his sole driver to attain more power is his want to out-run Goku. That is his greatest asset which helps him grow stronger/ He cannot let it go otherwise he will never be able to become more powerful. And since he will never be able to let go of this innate mental inhibition, Vegeta can never achieve Ultra Instinct.

Next Form of Vegeta is More Powerful

And now to the Goods news! Vegeta has already achieved new levels of power with his Super Saiyan Blue transformation. That is something not even Goku has managed to drive home. Ultimately he was unsuccessful in his attempt at mastering Ultra Instinct in his own terms but it shows that Vegeta has something even Goku doesn’t – a more powerful drive to do things in his own terms. Vegeta’s evolution as a warrior might be tied to his zeal to surpass Goku and Ultra Instinct. And his next form will be a testament to that promise.

But what will his new form be? How can someone surpass a technique which has been deemed the most powerful by even the Gods them-self? Well, there are a number of ways to do that. And we already have a few theories on how Vegeta could do them.

When the Evil Ancient Magician Moro threatened the Cradle of Creation, Goku and Vegeta were again forced to return to the training grounds to find a way to overpower this new foe. Moro can absorb the energy of entire planets into him-self and grow stronger than even Goku. Goku trained under Merus to master Ultra Instinct, attaining the Initial First Stage of the Gods titled Ultra Instinct Sign.

Next Form of Vegeta is More Powerful Than Goku

Vegeta, on the other hand, went to the planet Yardrat. This was the planet where Goku learned the Instant Transmission technique – a technique that allows Goku to travel at the speed of light from one place to another based on identifying and tracking energy signatures across the universe. Vegeta came to seek help from the residents of Yardrat solely for the reason of getting stronger.

If the Yardrats could develop a technique this powerful, who knows what else they might have in store for people who show the right aptitude for it. Vegeta needs to get stronger and defeat Moro. His Super Saiyan Blue transformation is not enough. But what if he could combine his Super Saiyan Blue transformation (which might we say is ten times more powerful than Goku’s own Super Saiyan Blue form) with the Yardrat’s numerous combat techniques?

Next Form of Vegeta is More Powerful

Vegeta is strangely absent from the fight with Moro. Goku is the first one on the scene and he is having trouble defeating the villain. Even with Ultra Instinct Sign, Goku cannot defeat Moro! This proves that Ultra Instinct is not the strongest of all techniques. But Vegeta’s absence sows seeds of doubt within Dragon Ball fans. Are the writers wantonly keeping Vegeta out of the fight so that he could swoop in at the perfect moment and save the day with his newly mastered techniques?

The world of Dragon Ball is rife with powerful and deadly combat arts. And the Yardrats have a lot to teach to Vegeta. Vegeta has proven himself to be a quick learner in the past. If he plays his cards right, he could defeat Moro on his own and prove to the world once and for all that even without Ultra Instinct, Vegeta has finally achieved the impossible.

In the end, Vegeta has finally surpassed Goku – his eternal rival.

The last Dragon Ball arc to have been featured in the Manga is the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga. Released in the year 2018, the Manga is still on-going and again sees the Dragon Ball Universe in grave danger from an ancient enemy that has broken free of its prison. The official synopsis for the arc reads:

Galactic Patrol Kidnapping. Following the ordeal surrounding Broly, Goku trains with Vegeta in the Gravity Training Room. … Vegeta asks why he needs Buu and Merus explains that a dangerous criminal has broken free of the Galactic Prison and in order to recapture him they need the assistance of the Grand Supreme Kai.

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