Arrow Season 6: The True Villain Is Finally Revealed And It’s Not Cayden James!!!

Cayden James is one of the most boring villains that Arrow has ever fielded on screen. When a show already had bland villains like Tobias Whale and Ra’s Al Ghul; that is saying something. The expert computer hacker from Helix and one of the world’s most dangerous men when handed over a computer with an internet connection, Cayden James’ qualifications were more than enough to be the big bad but the acting was a completely different story. Cayden looked weak, ordinary and never worthy of the spotlight. He was one of the reasons Arrow Season 6 was getting all the hate. Well, now it looks like Season 6 of Arrow is finally on a path to redemption. The True villain of Arrow season 6 is revealed and, as opposed to popular opinion, it is not Cayden James.

Spoiler Alert: The following paragraphs contain MAJOR spoilers for Arrow Season 6 Epidoe “The Devil’s Greatest Trick.” If you still haven’t watched it, we suggest you look away……

Arrow Season 6 Episode 13 finally revealed the true villain of the how. Ricardo ‘The Dragon’ Diaz was the one pulling the strings from the very beginning. It was he who orchestrated everything – the smear campaign against Mayor Queen, the attack on Cayden James’ son and even in bringing forth the Cabal to take down the Green Arrow. He finally revealed his true intentions right before killing Cayden James in the SCPD Interrogation room.

As the events of the Episode unraveled, it was found out that the video of Oliver hooting Owen James, Cayden James’ son, was fabricated. The Metadata within the video code pointed to the fact that it was someone within the Cabal itself that was behind his son’s murder.

Cayden James had already threatened to blow up the entire city using the enhanced Thermo baric charge to destroy Oliver Queen. Even after seeing the video, his retribution did not end. He orders Team Arrow to bring him Anatoly Knyazev, Diaz and Black Siren in exchange for the City. If they don’t, Cayden takes out millions of people with him along with whoever killed his son, since the entire Cabal was still inside City perimeters.

Team Arrow manages to find the entire Cabal. Wild Dog and Mister Terrific take down Diaz. Anatoly is captured by Diggle and Oliver while Laurel is taken down by Dinah (who is still mad at her for killing Vincent Sobel). As the three are brought to Ground zero, the place the bomb is located; Cayden James confronts each of them regarding the recent findings. The detonator frequency damages the superhuman dampening collar that Laurel wears. She is free to scream as much as she wants; giving the other guys a chance to escape. Diaz, Anatoly, and Laurel escape the premises. All but Cayden James, who decides it, is time for the city to die.

As Oliver and William brace for impact with a few final words, Cayden is touched and hesitates momentarily, enough for Oliver to put him down with an arrow. He is alive but his hands are no longer on the detonator. The City is safe.

At the interrogation room, Cayden James laments at the horrible things he has done in the name of his son. Finally realizing his mistakes, he decides to give Oliver all the data he needs to take down the rest of the Cabal and the account number containing the money he had extorted out of Star City by holding it hostage. In return, Oliver agrees for Cayden James to be allowed to visit his own son’s grave.

After Oliver leaves the room, Ricardo Diaz soon enters. The cameras are down and the cops on his payroll look away as he finally lays down his plan for Star City. He was the one who ordered Owen James’ assassination as he knew that would put Cayden and Oliver on a collision course. Cayden only thought he was in control. But it was him who had been pulling the strings all along. With Oliver Queen’s Mayoral Office in trouble, the Green Arrow and his team almost fractured beyond repair and the City desperate for new leadership, he plans to take over it. Why blow up a city when you can rule it?? It was Ricardo Diaz all along. He was the guy Oliver should have watched out for.

Alas, Cayden James died a death too heart wrenching. At least at the end, he could redeem himself of some of his shortcomings. And now with Anatoly in the wind and Black Siren under captivity by Quentin Lance, Ricardo Diaz is the only player in town. Will the Green Arrow be able to stop his upcoming rampage?!?!

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