These 5 Oscars Should Literally Be Taken Back

Oscars are a prestigious awards and everyone aims to get one. However, at times these awards to given to less deserving or let’s take it like this, the truly deserving candidates do not get it. Take a look at these 5 Oscars should literally be taken back

 1) Oscar for the Best Picture 1991: “Dances With Wolves”


Which Picture truly deserved the Oscar: “Goodfellas”

The face palm listened ’round Hollywood, Kevin Costner’s mixing, all around created epic beat Scorsese’s famous film for Best Picture. The latter is fundamental great; its notices enhance apartment dividers and its fans are the army. “Wolves” is, well, it’s that motion picture you nod off to at whatever point it’s on TBS.

2) Oscar for the Best Visual Effects 2008: “The Golden Compass”


What Should Have Actually Won: “Transformers”

Yeah, this happened for real. The best thing these movies ever did was utilize ILM to make photograph genuine robots in camouflage. Truly, this – and the organization’s work in 2009’s “Star Trek” – is reference quality. Also, when is the last time, other than now, anybody as ever pondered “Compass?”

3) Oscar for the Best Supporting Actor 2013: Christoph Waltz for “Django Unchained”


Who Should Have Won (as per most of us): Philip Seymour Hoffman for “The Master,” or Leonardo DiCaprio for “Django.”

Yes, Leo wasn’t selected that year even for one of his main five best enactments ever. Yet, in the event that he was, he ought to have brought home his first Oscar for going outside his usual range of familiarity as a slave-owning lowlife, while Waltz brought home his second for essentially doing likewise that earned his first honor for “Inglourious Basterds.”

4) Oscar for the Best Picture 1999: “Shakespeare In Love”


And we wanted this movie to win it as it truly deserved the award:  “Saving Private Ryan”

Spielberg’s famous war show losing to this extremely elegantly composed bit of Miramax Oscar trap is one of the Academy’s most notorious “What the heck Were They Thinking?!”

5) Oscar for the Best Actor 1999: Roberto Benigni for “Life Is Beautiful”

5 oscars

Who deserved it: Nick Nolte for “Affliction”

The Academy selectedBenigni over Nolte’s whined, gut-punch of a performance. As a result, they got a reception speech that was more impressive than the performance he won for.

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