WandaVision Theory: The Infinity Stones Are Back But With A Twist

The WandaVision story arc seems to be established as a new link or connection with the infinity power stones. In the Endgame, we witnessed that the avengers along with Captain Marvel confront Thanos questioning the whereabouts of the infinity stones. The revelation made by Thanos kind of put everything on hold. Post that fans were not sure about the repercussions of the so-called destruction of the power stones may lead to. But somewhere within the WandaVision arc, we see the reminiscence of the infinity stones in different characters if we were to relate the color of the powers of the different users to the color of the infinity stones. It might just create a parallel reality that the infinity stones were somehow still in existence.

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In the Infinity Saga, we witnessed Thanos destroy half the universe populace with the use of the infinity stones being embedded in the infinity gauntlet and making the impossible task a possible one. During the search of the infinity stones and the implication of the stones in the actual reality of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we have witnessed each stone emitting a specific color unique to its nature and properties. The infinity stones emit a color unique to their existence.

  • Space Stone being ‘Blue’
  • Reality Stone being ‘Red’
  • Power Stone being ‘Purple’
  • Time Stone being ‘Green’
  • Mind Stone being ‘Yellow’ and
  • Soul Stone being ‘Orange’
The Infinity Stones Are Back
The Infinity Stones Are Back

Well, we all witnessed how Scott Lang able to escape the quantum realm and bring the technology of the quantum tunnel to Tony to help give Avengers another fighting chance to save the world as we knew off and then we saw Stark materialize the theoretical physics behind the quantum loop tunnel while making the time-warping Quantum phase tunnel a reality. Similarly, if we were to follow the 1st law of Thermodynamics which kind of states ‘The Law of conservation of Energy’, which implicates that energy cannot be created or destroyed but rather only be transformed into a new form of energy. So, by this rule, the infinity stones were the embodiment of the energy which was emitted by the universe during its creation throughout the events of the big bang, which emitted a massive amount of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR) which led to the creation of the infinity stones. So, if the stones were to follow the same logic they were never really destroyed rather transformed into a different source of energy. In the WandaVision arc, we can relate these colors with the different characters of the WandaVision storyline.

Reality Stone – Wanda’s Chaos Magic

In the MCU we were informed that Wanda’s latent abilities were manifested from the Mind Stone and during the Storyline we have always witnessed the hints of Wanda’s magic in hues of Red. Post the events of the Endgame, Wanda has transformed into a much powerful version of her previous self and may indicate her becoming the sole narrative behind nature the Reality Stone, especially with all her reality-altering magic. She could just be the living embodiment of the Reality Stone.

Mind Stone – Vision’s power source

With the reincarnation of Vision in the WandaVision arc, he may well be on the way to become the living embodiment of the soul stone. In the Age of Ultron, we saw how the Mind Stone which was the source of power and the result of the consciousness that Vison owned merge with Jarvis and the synthezoid body of Ultron which created an almost human being. The Mind Stone may have found its vessel, but the altering reality of the hex covering Westview county may create a conflicting conclusion.

Power Stone – Agnes purple magic

Infinity Stones Vs. Mother Box Cosmic Artefact
Infinity Stones Vs. Mother Box Cosmic Artefact

Agatha Harkness has been revealed as the ancient sorceress who is the one responsible for controlling the people inside the Hex. Now in the Marvel comics, we see Westview often mentioned as the Nexus of a mystic source of power that is emanating from the earth. This magical point is often referred to as Nexus and may also be the reason for the rise in the power of Wanda Maximoff. Agatha Harkness’s magical purple hues of magic co-relate her magical prowess with that of the power stone and may as well become the living embodiment of the same. As we see the roots manifested by her magic dig deep into the Nexus and soak in the emanating power, making her extremely powerful just like the Power Stone.

Space Stone – Monica Rambeau’s newfound powers

At the beginning of the WandaVision arc, we see Monica Rambeau as a normal recruit of the Sentient World Observation and Response Department (S.W.O.R.D), but when the story progressed, we saw Monica molecular integrity change drastically as she came in contact with the Hex barrier on multiple occasions and at one point of time even get hit by Wanda’s Chaos magic that pushed her through the hex barrier into the outside world. Now the Hex was something designed to keep the people of Westview in and the rest of the world out. But, in Episode 7 we see Monica finally tapping in the powers of her new molecular structure and tapping into a newfound power that made her eyes glow blue. Now it may be off-topic, but maybe just maybe Monica Rambeau has transformed into the living embodiment of the Space Stone.

Time Stone – Doctor Strange

Avengers: Endgame Theory Doctor Strange

Doctor Steven Strange is the perfect embodiment for this emerald green stone, we have often witnessed him tap into the powers of the Mystic Arts, but whenever he would employ any magic with the Time as a considerate factor, we have seen him emit an emerald green hue magic while tapping into the power of the Time Stone. Doctor Strange has not made it to the WandaVision arc just yet, but we may see him make a return to stop Wanda and Agatha Harkness.

Soul Stone – Mephisto rises

Avengers: Endgame Red Skull

Marvel’s version of the devil, is a demon of the underworld who batters the soul in the current reality and the realm of Midgard. His magical hues often are shown depict a fiery orange in the marvel comics and may just become the living embodiment of the Soul Stone. Now the Soul Stone is probably the only stone that has never made an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a detailed version of the existing infinity stone while explaining the power it possesses and the power it gives to the possessor, but one thing which is most relevant to the stone is the word ‘Soul’ and the reference it might give one to the power it might control over souls. Now as the harbinger of death and the ferry of souls across the realm of Hell, Mephisto best suits to become the Living embodiment of the Soul Stone and its powers.

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