Tying up Loose Ends


With Stefan finally coming to know about what Damon did to Elena, it was surprising how well he took. What we were expecting was him to go all ripper on Damon..

As the name suggests this episode is more of a closure episode. We came to know how the huntress what created and more or less figured out her prowess. But what we don’t understand is what is Enzo’s deal with the huntress? Did they have some kind of past? Likely not, because if they had met earlier he would bore the mark and she would have killed him first. Thank you Enzo, for creating this new mess. The brothers didn’t even have some breathing time after Julian went out of the picture. With Julian gone, there is no one to keep the bad vamps on a leash. So Reyna Cruz must be busy for quite some time. Logically thats what should happen. Hello! This is Vampire Diaries we are talking about. Of course Stefan has to go and get himself marked by Reyna.

“Put on his Hero hair”-in Damon’s words.

Now we know why Bo doesn’t talk.. another secret revealed. Valerie actually stuck around to save the babies. She isn’t as awful as we pegged her to be in the beginning. It was sweet of her. But the babies siphoning off Caroline’s magic even before they were born, is something we have to take note of. No one knows how much trouble they are going to cause in the future!

Coming to our main character Damon, he says he wants to feel all the pain in the previous episode, but has a great night with the brunette. Bravo Damon! Seems like you are wallowing in pain. Good for you , Elena survived because Tyler and Enzo had enough brains to really keep Elena away from you. We cant even imagine what would Bonnie’s reaction be if she had come to know that Damon burned Elena. She would have definitely punched his face, that is for sure. One glitch here is, bonnie knew of the Huntress and the danger her friends were in. Even after knowing that why did she risk letting the blade out of her reach?? In her defence she may say that, Enzo killed Reyna. But dead people coming back alive is not something rare in Vampire Diaries.

The still-not-revealed-suspense is what did Stefan do that made Caroline so mad at him? They were all lovey-dovey when the babies were born. Alalric naming a baby ‘Elizabeth’ after Caroline’s mom is just so sweet. Lets hope that at least these two last as a pair, get married and most importantly stay alive..Stay tuned!!


Intro: “I want to feel all the pain I can feel”, said Damon. Why? Because he thinks he killed Elena. But the next moment he starts being ‘The stud’. Only Damon can pull it off. Show off!

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