Here’s Why Infinity War Should Be About Thanos And Not The Avengers

Marvel Cinematic Universe has always lacked in memorable villains to balance out the heroics that their superheroes have been pushed into. The only villain who has yet to make an impression is Thanos. From Phase 1, MCU has been teasing audiences to the mysterious character that seemed to be an important part of the Marvel world. And with Avengers: Infinity war finally confirming that the Titan king as the supervillain, Marvel could just be solving their villain problem.


The thing that makes Thanos a memorable character for movie audiences is the quiet violence that he emanates when he is facing any character. Gamora and Nebula, his daughters fear him and hate him. But are smart enough to explain that Thanos is no ordinary villain you face head on, you need a plan to catch him at his weakest. And if Marvel is taking notes from the Infinity Gauntlet comics as they have been speculated to be, then Thanos would both be the villain and the protagonist of the film.

Josh Brolin and his commanding voice already offer Thanos an air of privilege to the character that may make other intergalactic criminals shiver in their place. If Marvel adds a background to the villain’s life story, from his beginnings as the baby even his mother wanted to kill to his turn when he accepted his insatiable thirst for death and causing it (not for the sake of it but for gaining more knowledge), the complexities of this villain would definitely make Infinity War a layer of character study it needs.

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The avengers and the other Marvel heroes stories have all been told through Phases 1 to 3. With that in mind, a change in perspective, that from the point of view from the villain and what he thinks of all the dozens of Marvel heroes might freshen up the formulaic movie making tha MCU has followed since Iron Man. The romance between Thanos and Lady Death is also another aspect of the character that is pivotal to the Infinity Gauntlet comics, so it more than likely that the same could be showcased in the upcoming film as well.

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