New Video Shows a Crazy Falcon and Winter Soldier Alternate Battle

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier sees Sam and Bucky fighting in the events taking place after Avengers: Endgame. Both the leads have fought diligently to keep up Steve’s legacy safe. In the journey starting from Sam’s confusion to him becoming the ultimate Cap, we got ourselves, John Walker. Eventually, Sam, Walker, & Bucky, all fought together for the bigger cause. But if I tell you that there is a Falcon and Winter Soldier alternate battle for you to enjoy?

Falcon and Winter Soldier Alternate Battle

Falcon and Winter Soldier alternate battle

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier did not lack in action on any turn. And, I am talking about quality action. Dave Macomber, fight and stunt coordinator for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, recently shared a pre-visualization video for a deleted fight scene to his social media. The sequence shows an alternate version of Walker, Hoskins, Sam, and Bucky versus the Flag Smashers.

Check out the Falcon and Winter Soldier alternate battle revealed in an Instagram video. Here’s Part 1:

The Instagram caption reveals that this fight was intended to take place in Puerto Rico prior to the series’ production deciding against using the location. The caption reads:

Here’s another might have been version of the Flagsmasher Battle — designed for the top floor of a parking structure in Puerto Rico that we scouted but never filmed at due to earthquakes scrapping the location. Lemar got some action in this, using some electrified gloves that never came to be.

Part 2:

This alternate battle only proves that Lemar Hoskins had a longer role in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Instead of being killed in Episode 4, it clearly implies that Lemar was all set to be in the finale of the series. We can have all sorts of theories regarding his role after episode 4. COVID-19 moved the entire production of this series to Prague.

More of Battlestar In Falcon & Winter Soldier

Falcon and Winter Soldier Alternate Battle

If Lemar was to stay, how would it change The Falcon and The Winter Soldier? Well, the goriest scene in the series wouldn’t have happened, Yes, I’m talking about the time when Walker killed Nico recklessly in front of an audience. This was the result of the pure anger that Walker felt after losing his best friend Hoskins. Moreover, we can only think about how the events would have played if Walker had not done this. Because of this only he was stripped of his title and Sam Wilson got his shot.

Image Credits: The Direct

However, a noticeable overall would be the new weapon used by Battlestar. He wields dual electrified gloves in the video. There are no visual indicators used for the gloves. But one moment seemingly shows a piece of wreckage disrupting Lemar’s gloves. Hence, he’s not able to use them further. Seems like Lemar had a lot more to do in the series originally.

Lemar Hoskins In The Finale of Falcon & Winter Soldier

Falcon and Winter Soldier alternate battle

Well, if you look at the video, a noticeable change in Lemar is his increased agility. Just like the electric gloves, there is a high possibility that he was given more equipment, apart from the electric gloves. Moreover, the action would have been layered differently including Hoskins in it. With the gloves being present in this sequence, it is possible that Battlestar’s other stunts could have played out slightly differently in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier had he kept his ability to zap opponents.

Walker is definitely on a different note. He is not in despair of losing his best friend, Lemar. He is now enjoying the newly-found strength, and he is ready to use it. However, the soon-to-be U.S. Agent has boosted ego and bravado like never before. But originally, we see Walker have a major change of heart when he made the decision to save the van full of Senators instead of chasing the Flag-Smasher. And this was possible because he could hear Lemar saying that he makes the right decision in the heat of the moment. This showed a nice moment including Walker’s love and respect for Hoskins.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is currently streaming on Disney+. Would you have liked to see this Falcon and Winter Soldier Alternate Battle? Let us know in the comments.

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