15 WTF Moments in Marvel and DC Movies That Shocked Everyone

Hollywood in the past decade has been full of superhero movies especially with the beginning the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We have loved these movies if not all but the movies surely had moments that we cherish till now. Here are those epic superhero movie moments.

Winter Soldier – Reveal of Hydra

Best Superhero Movie Moments

Captain America the Winter Soldier was a brilliant movie in itself. The storyline of the movie was insane and it gave us a very memorable moment from the movie – the reveal of Hydra’s existence. The evil organization survived as a parasite within S.H.I.E.L.D and ate it from the inside.

Train Scene- Spiderman 2

This scene shows the strength of Spider-Man in Spider-Man 2. The fight with Dr. Ock goes to another level but Spidey saves hundreds of people on that train showing his sheer strength and courage.

Civil War – Airport Battle

The fight scene shot n the airport was the best fight scene of the movie history. It had the epic-ness of so many heroes at once. Everyone was at their best and the scene was shot and choreographed perfectly.

Wonder Woman – Fight in the Town

When Wonder Woman leads everyone to the battle fronts, she showed what she is capable of and marked the first moment in the first step of winning the War. Her battle scene in the town along with Trevor was the best moment of the movie!

Deadpool breaks 4th Wall

Best Superhero Movie Moments

One of the biggest weapons Deadpool has is his mouth. We got the Deadpool we love in the movie last year. But, the best thing about the movie was that Reynolds got the freedom to portray the character as he wants. Right from the beginning, we saw Deadpool bad-mouthing everything which was the best moment of the movie.

Days Of Future Past – Quicksilver

X-Men: Days of Future Past was the best X-men movie till date. It introduced a fan favorite mutant in a brilliant way. Quicksilver, the fastest mutant gave us a scene that is one of the best scenes ever to be filmed.

Logan’s Death

Logan was a tribute to the works of Hugh Jackman playing the character for the last 17 years. Since it was his last outing as Wolverine, the ending had to be spot on. The movie killed the mutant at the end and made every fan cry with a very moving death scene.

The Dark Knight – “How I got these scars”

Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker still has not found its competition and never will. His portrayal of the iconic DC villain was so insane and he provided us one of the best moments of the superhero genre. “Do You Wanna Know How I Got These Scars” showed the motivation of Joker to unleash chaos.

The Trinity

Dawn of Justice saw the 3 biggest DC superheroes together on the big screen for the first time. The iconic Trinity was formed towards the end to defeat Doomsday, the moment we have all dreamt of.

December 16, 1991

Civil War revealed that it was a brainwashed Bucky who actually murdered Tony’s parents and Steve seemed to know about it. The moment formed a rift between the characters and the scene was really moving and heartbreaking.

The Ending – Batman the Killing Joke

Best Superhero Movie Moments

While the animated movie inspired from a famous comic-book received some mixed reviews, it managed to nail the ending of the movie as we see the screen roll down hearing the laughs on Joker and Batman and eventually the laugh of Joker fades keeping fans wondering Batman broke his one rule.

Strange gets his Mind Blown – Doctor Strange

When an injured Strange reaches Kathmandu to seek a way to cure his body, he witnesses that there is more to this world other than just medical cure as The Ancient One knocks out his ‘astral body’ from his Physical body and Strange’s mind gets blown to bits by the possibilities existing within this world.

Dormammu I’ve Come to Bargain – Doctor Strange

comic book movie moments
Best Superhero Movie Moments

Instead of the same old sky beam in the climax, Doctor Strange’s ending was so different and stunning where ties Dormammu into a time loop which he could never escape, Strange dies thousands of times in different ways and makes a bargain with Dormammu who relives the moment, again and again, to leave earth alone in order to escape.

Introduction of Batman’s Brutality – BvS Dawn of Justice

The warehouse fight scene finally portrays Batman’s fighting ability perfectly that fans have always wanted to see on the big screen. Ignoring the killing factor, Batman’s brutal approach was always missing from the movies which the criminals are actually afraid of.

The Avengers – Climactic Battle

The war against Chitauri was the most amazing thing to amazing movie moment to be witnessed in the entire Superhero movie history. The battle scene can never be replicated or compared with anything else.

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