Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta’s Spirit Control Might be Key to Piccolo’s Comeback

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta’s Spirit Control Piccolo’s Comeback:

Piccolo is one of the most popular Z Fighters in Dragon Ball. A staunch ally of Goku, he has fought alongside the warriors of Earth through thick and thin. After Vegeta entered the scene, the role of Piccolo in the larger Dragon Ball Universe kept diminishing. Eventually, Piccolo became nothing more than a supporting character in the series, something the Dragon Ball fans found unforgivable. Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super gave him a few moments to shine. But that was not enough to soothe the fans. Piccolo needed to return to the frontlines. Just having Vegeta and Goku fight the battles were no longer enough. And the recent Moro arc might have made it possible for Piccolo to make such a return to power.

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta’s Spirit Control Piccolo’s Comeback

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61 up ahead. Enter at your own risk…..

When the ancient sorcerer Moro returned from his prison and threatened the entire Mortal Realm of Universe 7, the two greatest warriors of the Dragon Ball Universe Goku and Vegeta, were the only ones capable of stopping him. Goku and Vegeta have developed phenomenally over the years as warriors. Goku has mastered the technique of Ultra Instinct. Vegeta has mastered the final form of Super Saiyan Blue called the Super Saiyan Evolved. Together the duo stands a chance to make the Gods bite the dust.

Moro God of Destruction Before Beerus

And yet they fell short of power while fighting Moro the magician. Due to them not being able to stop Moro, New Namek and the Namekian race paid the price. Moro used his Drain Life power to absorb the life force of the entire planet and the Namekian Civilization.

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta’s Spirit Control Piccolo’s Comeback

Goku and Vegeta were forced to look for ways to become stronger. Goku turned towards Merus for help. Merus, a former angel and a member of the Galactic Petrol, was requested by Goku to train the latter on the intricacies of Ultra Instinct. Although Goku was using it, he was still raw and inexperienced in the massive power boost granted by Ultra Instinct. With Merus’ help, Goku unlocked Ultra Instinct Sign – the initial stage of the Technique of the Gods. Goku fought Moro when the Magician came to destroy Earth. Goku’s Ultra Instinct Sign did manage to turn the tables in Goku’s favor but not for long. Goku’s Ultra Instinct Sign was still in a nascent and volatile form. Goku could not sustain it for long. Moro figured out Goku’s weakness and stalled him until he ran out of power.

Once again, Moro was at the top of the pyramid. Goku had proved to be unsuccessful in stopping Moro’s rampage. There was just one hope for the universe now. The only person who could save the cosmos was Vegeta, the Saiyan Prince.

Vegeta had taken to the Planet of Yardrat. The Yardrats were famous for developing and mastering an ancient technique called Spirit Control. The Yardrats were anatomically not as strong as the other alien races in the Dragon Ball Universe like the Saiyans or the Namekians. So they had developed Spirit Control to even the odds. Vegeta wanted to gain power and improve himself on his terms and Spirit Control was the perfect way to do it.

The art of Spirit Control grants its user many abilities, chief amongst them being superior Ki generation and physical attributes augmentation. The other abilities that Spirit Control granted were cloning, size alteration, advanced healing, and a space-time teleportation technique called Instant Transmission, something that Goku learned during his time on Yardrat right after his fight with Frieza on Namek.

When Vegeta came to Earth, he revealed that he had completely mastered all levels of Spirit Control, unlike Goku who had just mastered the initial technique of Ultra Instinct. He revealed that he had also unlocked and could use the most difficult to master the technique of Spirit Control. This technique, called Forced Spirit Fission, was a technique that could change the tides of war in Vegeta’s favor. And to be honest, it almost did!!

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta’s Spirit Control Piccolo’s Comeback

Forced Spirit Fission is a technique that allows its user to have total control over the Ki of his enemy. The energy that is then locked on to via Forced Spirit Fission can be manipulated as per the wish of the one that used the technique. It is perfect against opponents that thrive on energy absorption abilities like Moro. When Vegeta used this technique on Moro, all the energies he had absorbed throughout the Moor arc were separated from him and dissipated back to their original owners. Forced Spirit Fission brought back an entire civilization from the dead.

But it has been hinted by Vegeta that there is more to the technique than what meets the eye. The technique is not just useful for energy absorbers. It can also do the same for Fused Warriors. Forced Spirit Fission is the only technique in Dragon Ball that can reverse a Fusion Process, whether it is Namekian Fusion, Potara Ear Rings Fusion, or the Fusion Dance.

So how does it all relate to Piccolo’s rise back to power? The abilities that Forced Spirit Fission grants also work in Fusion Reversal remember? Piccolo, who has had two permanent fusions within the purview of Dragon Ball, one with the Planetary Guardian Kami and the other with Nail, Protector of Guru, is the one that needs it the most right now.

Kami and Nail were individually not as strong as compared to Piccolo but they added on to Piccolo’s overall power reserves when they fused with him. Namekian Fusion is supposed to be permanent. If Forced Spirit Fission is used to reverse a permanent fusion like Piccolo’s with Kami and Nail, it opens up a lot of possibilities for our green-skinned warrior.

We all know the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. It is a gateway to a dimension where Time flows differently than in the real world. Mere days in the real world account for years in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Imagine if Kami and Nail are de-fused from Piccolo’s body and all three of them train in the chamber’s dimension! Imagine if they fuse after they become stronger individually!!

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta’s Spirit Control Piccolo’s Comeback

Now you must be thinking that why not just use Forced Spirit Fission to channel all of the Namekian Energy into Piccolo! Well, that route has been tried and tested before. Universe 6 had two Namekians Pirina and Saonel, who fused with the entire Namekian Race. Within their veins ran the power of all Namekians of Universe 6. And yet Piccolo managed to defeat them both.

This shows that a few good fusions with able warriors are better than fusing with the entire Namekian Race. Piccolo had only fused with Kami and Nail, two powerful Namekians. And he proved to be stronger than the entire Namekian race of Universe 6. If Kami and Nail train even for a little bit before fusing with Piccolo again, they would increase his strength a hundred or a thousand fold, maybe even more.

And it is not like it is only a one time process. Namekian Fusion is better and more efficient than other forms of fusion. Using Forced Spirit Fission, Kami and Nail could continuously de-fuse themselves out of Piccolo’s body and train along with him in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. They would then fuse multiple times. Using this method, Piccolo could just keep on getting stronger. There is no power ceiling for him.

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta’s Spirit Control

We have heard of the Super Saiyan Form. Maybe Forced Spirit Fission of Vegeta will open the gateway for Piccolo to achieve a level of power that will make him the Super Namekian form, something the fans of Dragon Ball have been talking about for decades. It is indeed a very well-drawn out theory. But it has some flaws of its own. No matter what the consequences of the Moro arc are, Piccolo needs to come back to the front lines. Vegeta just might be the key.

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