Qbizarre – Dark Fans Rejoice: Prototype For World’s First Time Machine Already Exists

Dark World’s First Time Machine:

Dark has finally managed to wake the inner physicists in us. We all have become very fascinated with time travel. Realistically speaking, Physics claims that everything in time happens linearly. Time is like a river, it flows in one direction. There is no way to change the past because whatever you do in the present will lead you forward, not backward. For years pop culture has tried to entice us with an opposing notion.

Dark World’s First Time Machine

In these fantastical story arcs, they go against physics, proving time and again that within the purview of fiction, we can make our wildest dreams a reality. No work of fiction has done it better than Dark, which has become a global phenomenon after its final season 3. Dark may not be a real storyline but its core tenet – time travel just might be possible in the real world.

You must be thinking this article is bull-crap. No working time machine exists. Well, you are both wrong and right at the same time. Although a Time Machine does not exist, one physicist and inventor, in particular, has managed to build the machine that has proven beyond doubt that the rules proposed by the great Gods of Physics claiming Time Travel is not possible to be wrong. All the theories that deny time travel’s potential until now are false.

Meet Ron Mallett – a renowned American theoretical physicist and inventor who is an honorary member of the Faculty Board of the University of Connecticut. Ron Mallett is the world’s foremost authority on the possibility of time travel. And it is him that built this Time Travel Machine.

Ronal Mallett found his true calling as a Physicist after reading H.G Wells’ The Time Machine. The Professor of the University of Connecticut has been working on proving his theories ever since 1975. The pinnacle of his career is his Ring Laser Machine, a device that disproves a long assumed rule about time travel.

Now we will try to simplify the entire thing for everyone. Albert Einstein believed that there is more to the universe than three dimensions. He believes that there is a fourth dimension. This dimension was connected to time itself. Einstein called it Space-Time. Einstein also believed that it was possible to mold the universe and laws of physics by manipulating space-time. Anomalies like Wormholes and Black Holes are thought to be rifts in Space-Time. The theory was found to be true when on April 10, 2019, the direct image of a supermassive Black Hole came into the limelight changing the facets of physics forever.

Dark World’s First Time Machine

It is thus possible that wormholes, the anomalies that connect two points in the universe via a space-time rift might also exist. In the 1990s, the first proof of wormholes came into being when scientists found that the expansion of the universe was speeding up rather than slowing down because of an unnamed and unexplainable phenomenon called Dark Energy, the primary component that powers a wormhole.

Dark World’s First Time Machine

And that is where Mallet’s Ring Laser machine comes in. Mallet claims that the only way to travel back and forth in time is by bending the fourth space-time dimension. And light is the way to do that. Using a powerful ring laser machine, Mallett claims time could be twisted into a loop within a small, regulated, and controlled environment.

Mallett’s Ring Laser Machine creates powerful circulating beams of light that have the power to manipulate space-time. Mallett first started working on this machine after observing the lasers’ effect on the jet engines of airplanes.

If you have seen the movie Interstellar, you would know that gravity affects the flow of time. The stronger the gravity is, the slower time flows around that high gravitational area. Nobody knows why. Ronald Mallett’s Ring Lasers create a similar smaller microscopic gravitational field which twists time into a circle, a loop if you will.

There is one small flaw in his machine though. Although you can send data back into the past, it could be only sent as far back as to the point when the machine was first turned on. Nevertheless, it still proves Time Travel just might be possible in the future.

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