All The Details of the Darkseid Flashback Battle in Justice League Revealed

Darkseid Flashback Battle in Justice League:

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is coming at us in early to mid-2021, as it was reported recently. We should be getting an official release date and a new trailer on August 22 at the DC FanDome. But till then, we’re gonna have to wait to see any footage of the film. While we might have to wait for the footage, we’re glad to say that we won’t have to wait for a long time to know more about Darkseid’s role in the film. Apparently, the details of his ancient battle scenes have made their way to the internet, and they are pretty legit.

Now that we are getting the Snyder Cut, we’ll have to give you a Spoiler Warning for anything that might turn out to be true in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. So, proceed only if you want to know.

We’re already aware of the fact that Darkseid is supposed to be in the upcoming Snyder Cut. We will see him in his full form at the very end of the film. And, we’d get to see his younger version “Uxas” in the ancient battle sequence, as it was officially confirmed when Snyder (actually Jason Momoa) gave us the first look at the film recently through a teaser.

And now, further details of the ancient battle involving Darkseid have been brought forward by the twitter Unity_514 which show us the translations of the mural from the Shrine of the Amazons. This Shrine was revealed by DC Films Hub in collaboration with Screen Rant back in 2018. And obviously, this shrine gives us a history lesson for what exactly happened during the ancient battle of Earth where the Old Gods fought along with the humans, Amazons and Atlanteans. These following images give us the translation for one walls of the Shrine. And there’s a lot to learn about Darkseid here.

So apparently, “Skotomidis Darkseidos” (the Greek name given to Darkseid) invaded Earth with his hoard of Parademons to take over Earth. And this is when the massive war took place where all tribes on Earth united as one to fight the dark lord. While the translations in the above images don’t really elaborate upon the big battle that took place, the do tell us how the battle ended.

Darkseid Flashback Battle in Justice League

We’ve heard in the past that Darkseid and Ares were supposed to fight each other. And this translation tells us exactly that by mentioning how the Greek God of Thunder, Zeus ordered his son Ares to slay Darkseid as a punishment for invading Earth. Ultimately, Darkseid loses the battle retreats to survive. He and his army found sanctuary somewhere deep in the stars (on Apokolips), and the 3 mother boxes were left behind on Earth. As we saw in the theatrical cut of Justice League, and its previous trailers, the Mother Boxes were divided amongst Mankind, Atlanteans & Amazons.

Darkseid Flashback Battle in Justice League

After the death of Superman, Lex Luthor somehow rung the bell & sent the signal to Darkseid, who will send Steppenwolf to invade Earth, get hold of the Mother Boxes, and prepare to unleash the Anti-Life Equation upon the people of Earth. All of this is actually quite amazing, and we’re hyped for Zack Snyder’s Justice League. But, we’re also afraid of the answer to this question – “If we already know so much about the Snyder Cut, will it actually managed to live up to the hype and surprise us? Will it actually be good?” Only time could tell.

Darkseid Flashback Battle in Justice League

Ray Porter has voiced Darkseid in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. In his interview with LightCast, he talked about Darkseid’s amazing otherworldly voice saying:

“You’ll hear it when I hear it. I went through a few different sort of vocal gymnastic things in kind of trying to figure out the voice. I needed it to be understandable, but it needed to be a voice that was not of this Earth. And that’s what I tried to go for. I can’t wait to hear it either, because also, while I did this voice and everybody was really, really nice about it. I know that in post they probably did stuff to it, and I can’t wait to hear that. Plus, the voice that I did, it wouldn’t be something that I could really project. It’s hard, hard on the vocal cords.”

The Snyder Cut arrives next year, hopefully in the first quarter!

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