WandaVision Failed To Resolve Two Major Mysteries

WandaVision has wrapped up. The show had a total of eight episodes. The finale was definitely intriguing. WandaVision successfully established Wanda as the Scarlet Witch. But more than that, we got to see two post-credit scenes. The first one included Monica Rambeau. It clearly imposed that Monica is set for her further shenanigans. The other one told us that Wanda s in the hills, and reading the Darkhold in the astral plane. 

As of recently, fans have noticed two major story cuts in the Disney+ series. We won’t label them as plot holes, but definitely, they were a story discontinuance. WandaVision heavily focused on new characters. Namely, Agatha Harkness, Monica Rambeau, Tommy and Billy, and White Vision.

First is the identity of Jimmy Woo’s missing witness protection person. This is what originally drew him into the story. Jimmy Woo debuted in Ant-Man and the Wasp as Scott Lang’s home arrest officer. The FBI agent flew across the country to New Jersey after reports that a witness in the organization’s protection program living in Westview went missing. Considering the effects of the Hex, the local police and anyone who knew said person suddenly didn’t have any recollection of them once they disappeared alongside the whole town.

WandaVision finale had a lot of stories to cover, the show could’ve at least circled back to the mystery even if they didn’t have plans to answer it right away, just to demonstrate the series didn’t totally forget about it. Secondly, whatever happened to the Beekeeper? Where did he go?  Beekeeper is the SWORD agent that turned into a Beekeeper after entering Westview. The trailers for WandaVision highlighted the arrival of the mystery man who was eventually revealed to be Agent Franklin in episode 4; at this point, the show just established what Wanda’s pocket reality was from the outside world’s perspective.

S.W.O.R.D. tried various ways to infiltrate the magical barrier. This followed after Monica Rambeau was accidentally sucked into the bubble, as well as, know what’s exactly happening inside it. Due to Wanda’s powers, everything that’s able to come in transformed into something that fits in the time setting of Wanda’s alternate reality. Franklin hasn’t been seen ever since his emergence from the manhole, prompting Wanda to rewind time and propel her fantasy reality to the ’70s.

More than the beekeeper’s whereabouts, however, it’s Jimmy’s witness protection person who has a higher chance of factoring in the franchise’s future storytelling. Who knows, Peters’ Ralph Bohnner’s persona might ultimately be fake, revealing him to be the said mysterious person. This way, the actor can still return to the universe moving forward. WandaVision was undoubtedly a heavy show. The first few episodes were light, but the show doesn’t take long to switch into hyperspeed.

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