5 Sexiest Female Characters From Marvel Movies Who Are Too Hot To Handle

As much as male superheroes are always in comic book trends, no matter female superheroes have the best capabilities and powers or not, their sexiness is enough to burn the comic book world. And Marvel is pretty much at the top the pedestal in this case. From cinematic universe to comic books to crossover events to characters, Marvel has always been ahead of all the comic book forces. So lets’s get back to female characters from Marvel. Check out five hottest female characters from Marvel movies.

1) Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man

Kristen Dunst rose to fame after her spectacular appearance in 2002’s Spider-Man. One of the scenes where Spider-Man saves Mary Jane Watson and she appears all wet in the rain is so satisfying. You can’t take your eyes off from her. She looks so hot.

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