Qbizzare: Other Sites Apart From Area 51 Governments Don’t Want You To Know

Qbizzare Sites Governments Don’t Want You To Know:

It was not a long while ago when millions of people signed up for storming a high tech military installation called Area 51. The infamous black site in Nevada is infamous amongst the conspiracy theorists circles for housing aliens and alien technology. Area 51 is claimed by many to be the testing ground for the United States military for reverse-engineered technology from other worlds. The “Storm Area 51” campaign gained a lot of traction in a short while, bringing the secretive installation near Rachel, Nevada back to the public spotlight. Area 51 is now known worldwide to hold secrets the US does not want to be shared with the world. But is it the only one? Do other countries also have alien research sites like Area 51? If so, why have not we heard of them??

Let’s have a look. This conspiracy theory tries to explain why.

Russia: Russia has a rocket launch and development site near Astrakhan Oblast called Kapustin Yar. Kapustin Yar is located right in between the region of Astrakhan and Volgograd. It was established in 1946 by the Soviet Union to serve as a missile testing range and a research installation for rocket engine experimentation.

Kapustin Yar is termed by many to be the birthing ground for the mighty Soviet Space Program, which in the 1950’s had managed to outpace the US Space Program. Kapustin Yar saw Russian rocketry develop by leaps and bounds. Nobody knew how the Russians, who had almost no knowledge of advanced rocket science, become so proficient in this discipline. Public opinion for the real reason for this phenomenon is that Kapustin Yar is the “Russian Roswell”.

Qbizzare Sites Governments Don’t Want You To Know

The Tunguska Event, the Russian equivalent of Roswell, is said to be an alien ship crash landing on Earth. The remains of the crash were taken to Kapustin Yar, where scientists studied the technology and developed advanced rocket designs.

China: On August 1, 2019, the Guardian published an article about a Conspiracy theorist that claimed he had found images of a Chinese Area 51 near the Mongolian border within the Gansu Province. He said he found it by correlating satellite imagery with that of Google Maps to pinpoint the location of the site.

The Conspiracy Theorist Scott C Waring, says that the Chinese have been ramping up the movement of resources and development of auxiliary facilities and infrastructure in and near the site. Waring’s claims were not taken seriously until it was revealed that the infamous Chinese Stealth Fighter – the Chengdu J-20 was strongly rumored to have been developed in the secret labs of this installation.

The Chinese are now suspected of coming up with new kinds of space-based and energy weapons via the alien technology housed within this facility. The site is said to be approximately a decade or so old, coinciding with the rapid boom in Chinese military technology that happened around ten years ago.

India: If the Chinese have a UFO testing site near Mongolia, the Indians are not far behind with many claiming that the South Asian Power has a site hidden within the Lagan Kher Area within the Demchock region of Ladakh. The Himalayas have long been suspected of housing alien crash sites and it is said that the Indians have managed to recover some of the ships lost within the frost and snow of the mountains and experiment on them.

There have been multiple repeated sightings of “Unidentified Luminous Objects” near the Pangong Tso Lake of Ladakh. Civilians are not allowed into the region. India is said to be focusing on developing energy-based weaponry fashioned out of reverse-engineered alien tech. India’s Kilo Ampere Linear Projector Weapon or KALI for short is a weapon that allows the nation to take down intercontinental ballistic missiles using laser technology.

Conspiracy theorists claim that several iterations of KALI – KALI 80, KALI 200, KALI 1000, and the present KALI 5000, were developed as the Indians studied and better understood the alien technology housed within their Ladakh site.

Qbizzare Sites Governments Don’t Want You To Know

The truth just might be out there folks. If you believe Area 51 houses some deep, dark secret, you cannot expect aliens to just visit the United States and leave the rest of the world alone. They won’t leave us alone. They are everywhere.

We. Are. Not. Alone.

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