5 Powerful Batsuits That DCEU Must Consider For The Upcoming Batman Solo Movie

Batman is known to be the greatest DC detective, but he is also known for his Batsuits and many hi-tech gadgets. Here are five Batsuits we hope to see in the upcoming DCEU feature THE BATMAN.

The Insider Suit

The Batman: 5 Batsuits That Should Be Included To Be In The DCEU Movie

Since Batman will have been a part of Justice League by the time the movie comes out, the Insider suit should definitely be a part of the DCEU. The Insider Suit is based on every Justice League’s strength.It has different modes like the Speed Force mode which is inspired by the Flash, the Will Mode inspired by Green Lantern, the Heat Vision Mode inspired by Superman, the Camouflage Mode inspired by Martian Manhunter, the Veritas Lasso Mode inspired by Wonder Woman and Flight and Teleportation Mode.

The Hellbat Armor

The Hellbat Armor is one of the most powerful suits that Batman has ever created. It was formed by Superman in the heart of a sun and forged by Wonder Woman in Olympus, assembled by Cyborg, given a shape-changing cape by Green Lantern and tempered by the Flash and Aquaman under extreme conditions.  A suit so powerful that Batman used it only once in the comics (to save his son from Apokalips) because it uses up his energy at a fast pace. And since the world of Apokalips and Darkseid will be in DCEU, the suit definitely needs to be included in The Batman or Justice League.

Stealth Suit

The Stealth suit was named so because it could make the wearer invisible to any system that tried to detect it. It even was non-detectable by Superman’s X-ray and various supervision. The suit was also fully armored, so it could be used to fight powerful assailants such as the villain Wraith. Since Deathstroke, the hired mercenary is said to be the villain Batman will be battling, this suit would definitely have a place in The Batman.

Justice Buster Suit

Batman’s Justice Buster armor suit was made to defeat The Flash and other Justice League members. The suit does not have a place in The Batman but it’s too goddamn cool not to include on any Batsuit list. The suit tied Wonder Woman with the mystical Bind of Veils to make her think she had beaten him, then knocked out the Flash at hyper speed. The suit sprayed a foam to dehydrate Aquaman and Cyborg was downed by an electromagnetic nerve tree. A“citrine neutralizer” was used for Green Lantern. The suit’s knuckles contained pods consisting of several “Red Giants,” which are microscopic red suns acquired from dead solar systems, a coating to deflect Superman’s heat and cold powers, and even gum laced with kryptonite as a last resort.

 Trasher Suit

The Trasher Suit could withstand extreme weather, especially when it is directed to the subzero temperature. It also is powerful enough to take on a band of the Talons who had entered the Batcave to corner Batman in a surprise attack, unfortunately for them, Batman was more than prepared. The Trasher suit just looks awesome, and given that The Batman may deal with more than one villain, it may be a suit that should be in the film.

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