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Why Batman Should Not Fight Joker Until The Batman 3 (If Not Forever)

The Batman franchise is famous for a very simple reason, its villains. Be it comics or animated series, or even movies, the story is just as good as the villains. Batman has some of the greatest villains ever created in fiction populating his rogue’s gallery. Characters like The Riddler and Two-Face are psychopaths that roam the streets hell-bent on destruction. Mr. Freeze, Shiva, Deathstroke, and Killer Croc are titans no one would consider battling. Yet the Joker keeps reappearing in every film. We think Robert Pattinson’s Batman Should Not Fight Joker Until The Batman 3.

There is a very simple reason for this claim. The Joker trope is overdone. His signature move is chaos. Joker is synonymous with chaos. There is no method to his madness. He works on rage and revenge alone, it is his obsession which ultimately becomes his downfall in every story. But the thing is, chaos is so overused in the industry that a couple of dozen good movies have already been made about in the last two decades. We love The Joker, but it is time that the industry takes a break from him.


Especially when we already have interpretations like Joaquin Phoenix’s and Heath Ledger’s. The industry does not need another Joker. Batman does not need to fight the same villain. The character of the Dark Knight has innumerable stories in his arsenal. It is time that the writers look for their inspiration somewhere else. The BatmanĀ seems to be on the right track with this. They introduced The Riddler as the primary antagonist to the first movie, taking Batman back to his detective roots.


Batman Should Not Fight Joker

Lest we forget DC stands for Detective Comics, and Batman is their headliner. He is known as the world’s greatest detective. Yet we have only seen him beat criminals to a pulp. Flinging around on the screen, he looks more like World’s greatest Street Brawler rather than World’s Greatest Detective. Fans forget that is not who Batman is. The truly good Batman stories are the ones where he is outwitted by his antagonists, not one where they beat him to the ground.


Batman is not someone one can break physically. To get under the skin of Batman one needs to move where his watchful eye cannot reach. Batman is very savvy and is normally a couple of steps ahead of his villains. There are not many things that can deceive Batman. To do it right the villain must do it with all of his intellect. He cannot just start with violence and continue with a red streak. There has to be an end to the violence, a goal that the villain needs to achieve. Honestly, if DC truly understands the kind of storytelling they need to do then they would have to do much more than just create an interesting villain.


They should start from chaos and let it bleed into the sequel and then end the trilogy with a mastermind plan that completely baffles Batman. A true trilogy, none of that half-assed shit. It would be absolutely amazing to see something like that rather than seeing another Joker movie. The character has been in so many movies, and the Arkham Games. We are sick of the same laugh, we are suckers for it but we are also sick of it. Let there be true intimidation with ordered chaos.


The Possibilities

If the DCEU is able to establish The Riddler as a true villain, they would do a great service to the entire franchise. They will be able to establish an overarching story between Batman films which would establish some semblance of continuity. If you ask us, continuity is something that this franchise desperately needs. There is no reason to bring the Joker in right now, he can be the wild card in the third movie.


DCEU should realize that the character is only what the writers make of it. If they make the most intimidating Riddler that ever existed then no one would even ask for a Joker. It is about what you get rather than what you want. So let us attempt to make the best of it. Let us know if you agree with our analysis and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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