5 Eminent Actors Who Are Extremely Difficult To Work With

Some actors are humble in spite of the fame and love they get from the audience. But then there are actors who can’t handle the fame and they get high headed. They feel like they are the only one on this planet who deserve all the love, respect and fame. Take a look at these 5 actors who are extremely difficult to work with.

Bruce Willis


So, Bruce Wills has mostly played bold characters in almost every second movie. Wills is actually a nightmare to work with. No, this is not my personal opinion. This has actually come from one of his directors, Kevin Smith. In Kevin Smith own words, Willis is “soul-crushing to work with”.By the way, Smith is not the first person to call Willis like this and to talk about his attitude.

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is well-known for her attitude. So, if she is working with you and has not indulged into any fight with you, then probably you should better save yourself from her, ‘offset’.  You gotta meet her checklist if you wanna work with her. Actually, J-Lo has spent so much of her acting career making troubles for everyone that it has now become a part of her personality.

Russell Crowe


Russell Crowe’s repute is a man who is filled with characteristics which are both unstable and violent. He is famous for his drunken fisticuffs. He is very unpredictable and moody. Forget what others have to say, he himself has said that, “I have that attitude. I’m not sure what that means, exactly, but “attitude” is definitely the right word”. I am sure by saying this he has scared the hell out of many directors, but that’s how he is.

Julia Roberts

4 actors

Well, yes she is on the list too. So, while shooting for the movie, ‘Hook’, the cast and crew outwardly nicknamed her “Tinkerbell” and the director had to cut down her part. Probably her behavior was the result of her break-up with her boyfriend. But how can she afford to annoy Spielberg? Not a fair girl. Everyone feels that she is really hard to work with.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale is one such a diva on a movie set and if you really are working with him in a film, make sure you maintain a distance with him. Bale has some temperamental problems and he showed after he was signed for Terminator Salvation when he literally went mad at the director of photography.

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