She-Hulk Featurette Reveals the Altered Origin of She-Hulk

The marketing campaign of She-Hulk is going on in full flow, and after the Comic-Con trailer of She-Hulk, we’ve got a new featurette as well. And guess what, this featurette tells us a very different origin of She-Hulk than the one in the comics. Watch it here if you haven’t already:

She-Hulk in the Comics

Jennifer Walters is Bruce Banner’s cousin. She is a lawyer who begins to represent Superhumans in legal battles. She is a fun character to follow as there are moments when she breaks the fourth wall. And the comics also play around with a sexual angle involving her. As we’ve seen in the trailers, all of this will also happen in the MCU. Bruce’s Cousin…. Check! Representing super people under the Superhumans Law Division…. Check! Breaking the fourth wall…. Check! And She-Hulk going on a bunch of dates…. Check! What differs between the comics and the MCU is the origin of She-Hulk.


Origin of She-Hulk

In the comics, Bruce Banner visited his cousin, whom he hadn’t met in a while. He wanted to tell her about his Hulk persona. So when he tells her, she gets shocked and invites him back to her home. As they took the road to her place, they were followed by a couple of thugs. These guys worked for a gangster who wanted to frame one of Jennifer’s clients. So, when Bruce and Jen reached her place, the criminals shot Jennifer, who was seriously wounded. Bruce managed to send those gunmen packing without Hulking out. But he had to do something to save his cousin, who was in dire need of a blood transfusion.


He spotted a doctor’s office nearby and broke in to give Jennifer his own blood! And as soon as Jen was stable, he called an ambulance and ran off to keep his Hulk thing a secret. But those evil guys didn’t rest. They followed her even in the hospital. They came disguised as doctors and tried to take her out with chloroform. Being strangled down with force, she suddenly felt a lot of anger and turned into She-Hulk! And then it was bye-bye bad guys for those criminals. She took the fight to the streets and made them confess their crimes in front of the police. Then she transformed into Jennifer Walters and quickly sneaked back into her Hospital room. Here, she vowed that the She-Hulk would be back to solve all the problems that Jen could not!


She-Hulk in the MCU

But in the MCU, the featurette reveals that Jennifer Walters accidentally takes in Bruce Banner’s Hulk Blood while he was in an accident with her. Banner did not give his blood to her willingly. So, she becomes She-Hulk, and Bruce Banner then transforms into Smart Hulk to train her. Another aspect that’s different for She-Hulk in the MCU is that she doesn’t want to be a Superhero. But that would begin to change gradually as she finds herself in situations where she has to save others.


She-Hulk arrives on August 17. Are you excited about this 9 episode series? Let us know in the comments.

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