7 Most Terrifying Supervillains Who Almost Defeated “The Avengers”

It’s been quite a while now that Avengers is the most admired and viewed thing of Marvel Studios. What makes these heroes make us hook to their site are the ways they combat some impossible baddies villains. Here are seven such villains who spice up every thing for Marvel’s Avengers.


though he himself has not been trouble to Avengers but he has definitely been the cause of the most of it as he mentors the baddies who assign the Avenges their everyday tasks. Taskmaster is one of his kind because of his photographic reflex.


Green Goblin, though became infamous for being spider man’s biggest adversary but Norman Osborn has ever been expanding his ferocity to magnanimous heights, creating fright amongst a much larger population now. His alter ego has been unleashing it’s malicious demons unstoppably.


First appearing In Iron Man#55, Titanian- mutant-eternal superbeing, Thanos was a pacifist and only hung around with his brother and pets. Thanos has sought to destroy the worlds many a time, His intentions and his madness to achieve the love of mistress death, gives him his uncontrollable immorality.


Galactus or as he’s known, the devourer was not someone who always had a planet for his meal. He was once a hero, who tried to save his own universe but couldn’t. All died and he sucked up all the cosmic energy, after which he became Galactus. What’s worse is the guy who once wanted to save all, now has to now destroy them all.


The Kree are a scientifically and technologically advanced race, who are way more arrogant than they are strong. Basically, the creators of Inhumans, these humanoids reside on the planet Haal, controlling a vast empire in the Galaxy. Some of the notable Kree are the Ravagers and Ronan- The Accuser.


Loki does have exceptional physical abilities that on a few in Marveldom can reach up to but what’s more interesting about this greatest enemy of the  Avengers are his mental powers, there has been none who has outsmarted his shrewdness, deception, and manipulation.



Ultron, a creation of Hank Pym, proved he is there to conquer mankind when he deleted the memory of his being for the mind of his creator itself. ‘Infinity’ would be the word to define the ever growing power of the artificial intelligence. It always has been an almost dreadful task for the Avengers to combat him.

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