A Major Easter Egg From Batman vs Superman Has Been Confirmed

Batman v Superman may have been a divisive film, but it gave fans some of the most random easter eggs. Zack Snyder, director of the movie, has been known to throw in dozens of Easter eggs into his films that only the most curious of fans might discover. From dark comic book references to homages to comic book writers and previous movies, Batman v Superman has given fans a bit of everything to their Easter eggs.


And it seems like new discoveries are being made until today, and this time it has something to do with Lex Luthor. The latest Easter egg was confirmed by the film’s composer Junkie XL, after speculations of the distinctive theme music in the movie to be a distorted version of Zimmer’s Superman theme song from Man of Steel. DCEU Facts had already speculated the connection between the two similarities as did Batman News. Junkie XL’s retweet of the finding seemed to have given further proof of this easter egg.


Zack Snyder has often proclaimed how much of a fan he is of his movie’s source materials. And it seems like his dedication has been seen more with each discovery. Snyder, however, has been the target for many of DCEU’s criticism. Snyder has been pointed out for making a dramatization for all his films, making them too moody to the point of it being comical.

bvs-face-off batman Batman v Superman

The director has been known to draw inspiration from Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, but he has not captured the same nuances that Nolan had so cleverly done to the Batman film. Fans are still hopeful that Justice League will see a new direction from the director, expecting him to at least lighten up. Suicide Squad had proved that DCEU films needed a bit of humor in their films, as audiences responded well to the comedy element of the movie.

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