10 Burning Questions From No Way Home That Almost Create Plot Holes

Spider-Man: No Way Home has ensured its place as the most successful Sony film ever. The movie has everything that a true fan of the character will enjoy till the very end. With a mixture of crazy moments and a narrative that evolves the character, No Way Home will surely be amongst the best of Spider-Man movies. While there are a lot of things rather unique about the movie, there are also things that seem to like irregular and out of the continuity of the movies. Let’s take a look at some potential plot hole-filled questions from No Way Home.

Burning Questions From No Way Home

How Did The Dead Villains Come Back?

Ever since the trailers indicated that the movie was gonna feature this many villains from the past films, everyone started wondering how it was possible. Another thing that elevated this doubt, one of the teasers mentioned that each of the returning characters had died in their own universe. It seems that not all of them had died according to the movie but the villains were brought from their universe on the basis of the fact that they knew Spider-Man’s true identity. There is a chance that they might have been dead too considering the vast possibilities of the Multiverse might have managed to bring them back.


Why Was There No Investigation On Quentin Beck/Mysterio?

One of the most essential moments from the movie was the continuity from the previous movie in the franchise. Here we saw the Mysterio had managed to reveal Spider-Man’s true identity and accused him of murdering him. This was followed by various charges being put against Peter Parker and the entire world trying to find every means of ridiculing him. Based on the information given it was rather clear that people would go against Spider-Man. But there should have been a proper investigation on the character of Quentin Beck, as he was once a Stark employee himself.


How Did Aunt May & Happy Meet?

We are well aware that Peter Parker and Aunt May had met through Peter only. Happy had to come across Peter Parker because he was amongst the people who knew about his true identity. This allowed him to end up meeting Aunt May because of the continuous interaction with Spider-Man. May and Happy could have come across due to the work that the former did in her non-profit organization which might have had crossed paths with Stark Industries. The very ending of the movie very clearly gives us an idea of how Peter Parker was the reason that Happy knew about Aunt May.


How Was Electro Able To Know About Spider-Man’s True Identity?

Questions From No Way Home

One of the biggest plotholes in the narrative of the movie has to be the reason for Electro being brought into the MCU. The reasoning for the villains appearing in the MCU was that they knew about Spider-Man’s true identity. Electro never actually ended up finding out the secret identity of Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. This was further ensured when tells Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man he didn’t know Peter wasn’t black. There is a chance that Electro might have absorbed sufficient power before his demise in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that the information of Peter being Spider-Man was also fed to him.


How Did Venom Know About Peter Parker?

There is an explanation for Electro knowing about Spider-Man but the same cannot be said about Venom knowing about Peter Parker. This is mainly because Venom’s own universe didn’t even have a Spider-Man as far as we have seen. We saw that Venom himself wasn’t very much aware of the MCU and seemed confused when told about Thanos and the blip. There is a chance that he might have been aware of Peter Parker based on the vast knowledge of millions of years that he was giving a taste of to Eddie before they were teleported into the MCU.


What Was The Relation Between Doc Ock And Green Goblin?

Old Prank Clip From Spider-Man 2 Foreshadowed No Way Home

Doc Ock was the very first guy who was able to identify Green Goblin when the latter appears during the highway battle sequence. Later he event tells the others about how Green Goblin ended up dying and that Norman was crazy. This could have been because the character actually worked for Oscorp and that’s how he came across this information. The Spider-Man trilogy never really explored why Norman became Green Goblin and it seems that Dr. Otto Octavius could have revealed it but didn’t. Probably for the sake of the company.


Do MJ And Ned Remember Having Worked With Spider-Man?

Two of the most important characters in the movie were definitely included MJ and Ned. Their presence was one of the biggest helps to Peter and they even got into MIT. But the audience was saddened when they saw Peter taking the decision of making everyone forget about his identity. This includes MJ and Ned too since they were told that they will also forget about Peter. But this leaves us wondering if Ned and MJ remember working with Spider-Man because MJ still had the scar that she got. It is obvious that they do remember working with Spider-Man without being aware he was Peter Parker.


Why Did Holland’s “Tingle” Fail To Notice Daredevil’s Brick And Green Goblin Stabbing Maguire?

Questions From No Way Home

There was a lot of reference to the Spider-sense in the movie as we saw it being used various times. This actually allows him to be aware of any sort of danger before the event can actually happen. One of the most significant uses of this came when he realizes Green Goblin’s true motives and stops him. But there were two moments in the movie where his sense fails him as he is attacked by brick and the other time is when Goblin ends up stabbing Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man. There is a possible explanation for this as there is a chance that Spider-Man was preoccupied with something during these moments.


How Was Doc Ock Aware Of Where To Find Spider-Man?

We saw one of the very first villain encounters of the movie take place on a bridge as Peter came across Doc Ock. But this is actually surprising considering Doc Ock ends up finding the very convenient place where we had seen Peter actually being. This could have been because a helicopter was following Spider-Man and it could have actually telecasted his present location. Considering the events take place around water, where we had last seen Doc Ock, it makes sense that the villain shows up on the bridge.


How Was Ned Able To Perform Sorcery Without Training?

Ned might have provided some of the funniest moments in the movie but he also managed to give us something absolutely exciting as he ends up opening a portal. These are very portals that lead to Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man coming together. Ned references when he meets Doctor Strange that he was told he had some sort of magic in his hands. This is treated as a joke but later it turns out to be very true. This means that there is a chance that Ned’s blood and his relation with Peter was the very thing that ended up opening up the portals.

So did you get your answers to these potential plot hole-filled questions from No Way Home? Let us know.

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