5 Ways Fast 10 and 11 Can Beat The Space Scene of F9

The Fast & Furious movies are known for going absolutely crazy in order to entertain the fans of the franchise. For a franchise based on the idea of cars and car racing, we can be rather certain that the movies have actually gone beyond those things. In fact, the racing and other arcs actually play a very tiny part of the narrative in the recent movies of the franchise. The movies go for absolutely unrealistic scenes and moments just so that the audience can have visuals that can only be dreamt of. From submarines battling cars to planes picking up cars, there is hardly anything left for them to go for but they aren’t stopping. The recent movie in the franchise, F9 ends up taking cars to space. Now here are some ways through which Fast 10 and 11 can beat the space scene of F9.

Cars on the Moon?!!!

The very first idea at outdoing the space travel moment from F9 would be to simply go farther into exploring the space. In the movie, we got to see Roman and Tej go into the orbit of Earth so that they can destroy Cipher’s satellite. Now that space travel has been made possible in the franchise we can go farther with the concept and actually put them on some planet. It would be rather exciting to see the whole gang actually have a proper race in space with Tej figuring out something they could wear for the trip. Considering Cipher is still alive, she can put up a circumstance for the heroes to head over to Moon.


Time Travel

How the Space scene of F9 can be beaten!

There have been various rumors regarding Vin Diesel actually considering time travel as one of the major plot points for the next two movies in the franchise. Time travel has been something that has been used quite a lot in various movies over the year. There have been hints of sci-fi elements being added to the franchise in the much recent sequels. Fast & Furious has a massive history over the years and time travel could be something that could be used as a means to explore this history. It might sound too far-fetched but considering we are still exploring the ‘family’ element it would hardly be an issue.



The Fast & Furious saga is yet to explore the sea even though they have battled an entire submarine with missiles. We can see Tej working on some technology that would allow the cars to be driven underwater for a certain heist. But considering there is too little underwater in the world of Fast & Furious, Cypher could actually have a base underwater. This would actually be something that would invest upon the fandom surrounding Aquaman, with a complete adventure under the sea. There is a chance this might end up happening because the Netflix animated series Fast & Furious: Spy Racers has actually shown underwater cars. Cipher could team up with the Eteon terrorist group and this could lead to an epic underwater showdown. 



How the Space scene of F9 can be beaten!

The Fast & Furious spinoff movie Hobbs & Shaw actually introduced massive technological advancement to the franchise. Idris Elba’s Brixton was a rather strong villain even though he was defeated in the end. The character was topped with some rather interesting cybernetic upgrades that allowed him to make some rather cool moves in his fights. Eteon could actually end up introducing the teleportation concept in the movie and Dom and his team might end up using this for their own benefit. Remember that scene from Fast and the Furious 7 where we see Dom and Brian go from building to building in their car, now imagine that with them just teleporting from building to building. It does look exciting!!!


Flying Cars

This won’t be a surprising addition to the movie considering there are various moments where we have seen cars flying in the franchise. Another layer of possibility for the flying cars is added by the fact that F9 features Rocket boosters being applied to the cars. Over the years the various movies have been hinting at the possibility of the cars actually flying. We do see a drone-like remote control plane picking up one car and maybe soon we will actually see a car flying around in order to help with on-air heists.


Jurassic Cars??

Crossovers are a whole new thing that major studios are investing in because of getting both the fanbases together. There have been some major rumors about the Fast & Furious Saga and Jurassic World movies coming together in a crossover. This could be quite difficult to bring in but then we saw that the Dinosaurs were unleashed on the world and it would be the most exciting thing to see Dom and his team racing against some Jurassic creatures. 

So this is how the Space scene of F9 can be beaten! Do you guys have any other ideas in mind? Let us know in the comments.

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