13 Actors Who Could Play Joker In The New ‘Joker Origins’ Movie

Recently we got to know that WB is planning for a Joker stand-alone movie which is going to be set up in the 1980s and will be separate from the DCEU. So, Let is out of the picture. It is going to be directed by the Hangover trilogy director Todd Phillips and will be produced by the legendary director Martin Scorsese. So, if there is a new and actor that will be eyed for the role, we should pick our choices for the actors who could play the Clown Prince of Gotham very well. Here is a list of actors who could be the next Joker.

Bill Skarsgard

Image result for bill skarsgård itIf the remake of It goes as it looks like it might, Bill Skarsgard can probably expect a pretty significant career boost immediately afterward. He is playing a horrific clown in Stephen King’s ‘IT’ which is going to hit the theatres pretty soon and it seems like he is going to be great in that role. So, why not give him the real deal! He could be great in the role of Joker from DC comics and would be in the limelight thereafter.

Leonardo Dicaprio

Related imageWell, if you see Martin Scorsese’s name involved in any big project, you would be really surprised if you don’t find Leonardo Dicaprio in the lead role. Why not do that with this movie too! Leonardo Dicaprio is a legendary actor and he has pulled off so many different and versatile roles with perfection and he could surely pull this one off. He does not look very old either, so the young actor problem might not be that big of a deal.

Miles Teller

Image result for miles tellerIf you’re looking for some indication in the list of Todd Phillips and Martin Scorsese’s recent collaborations for who they might turn to, look no further than Miles Teller. Miles Teller has been involved in different varieties of roles and they all have been really good performances. The actor is of the perfect age to play a young Joker. This casting will be very different from what normally people would prefer, but it could turn out to be really great.

Peter Dinklage

Image result for peter dinklage

It would be a crazy choice to choose a dwarf to play the Joker and fans would really break the internet if it happens. But, there is no denial Peter Dinklage is a true legend and everyone is aware of his acting skills and what he has been doing Game of Thrones till now. The height part can be solved by CGI which has made everything possible now. Consider the examples of Captain America 1 (Chris Evans) and Furious 7 (Paul Walker).

Bradley Cooper

Much like DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper would offer an older head to the role, but that should in no way discount his claim to it. He is a very talented actor. He has got everything to play the Clown Prince of Gotham. He surely has the smile, and a great voice which has been proved by MCU’s Rocket Raccoon and he has experience working with director Todd Phillips.

Elijah Wood

Image result for elijah woodGiven the pattern of Batman movies casting unpredictably – see Michael Keaton, Heath Ledger and Jared Leto – there has to be some allowance for picking completely left-field candidates. And they don’t come more left-field than Elijah Wood, who was the archetypal morally good hero in Frodo Baggins. It would be legitimately great if he gets to take on the role of Joker, and so would the reaction from fans at being duped by a stunt casting once more.

Zac Efron

Related imageZac Efron is getting involved with very different roles these days, and just like Wood, Efron probably isn’t at the top of a lot of people’s lists of interesting character actors who should be considered for The Joker, but he is arguably the most erroneously under-rated actor in Hollywood. Like Bradley Cooper, he has the smile to pull off this role and he could look great as the Joker.

James Franco

Image result for james franco jokerJames Franco is exactly the kind of acquired taste that would work wonderfully for The Joker. He absolutely has it in his wheelhouse to mesh disarming charm with real emotional gravitas. He’s a lot more of a gifted actor than he’s probably given credit for, and he’s also capable of humorous performances, which might be key if we’re going to get an image of the Joker as the comedian gone bad in The Killing Joke.

Jack Gleeson

Related imageSince he made a sharp and harrowing exit from Game Of Thrones, Joffrey actor Jack Gleeson has mostly dropped off the face of the Earth, seemingly sticking to his 2014 vow to retire completely from the industry. He made us all hate him with just one big role and this role could be the one that could bring such a great talent back to this ever growing industry as he has everything to pull off a cynical role like this.

Will Poulter

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Had It gone another way, we would have seen Will Poulter playing Pennywise the clown, rather than Bill Skarsgard, and we’ve been robbed of a potentially great performance by that change. But now there is a true chance of getting him to play another clown and even better one. We have seen how talented the actor is and he would be a great choice for the role.

Iwan Rheon

Related image

Iwan Rheon is such a talented actor and everyone in this world knows this. Ramsay Bolten was the most hated character on Game of Thrones and that kind of hate was only possible because of the dedicated and the most amazing performance Iwan gave on screen. Because of that, he got a role with Marvel as he is playing the main villain in the Inhumans series (Maximus) and he can easily pull off an evil and a cynical character such as The Joker.

Willem Dafoe

Image result for willem dafoe jokerSir Willem Dafoe has been the dream cast to play Joker of every Joker fan on earth. Now that we have got yet another chance to cast a new actor to play the iconic character, this casting has to happen. Even though he has the similar being old problem, that could be solved by CGI similar to what happened with Robert Downey Jr. in Civil War. He could probably be the best choice for the role as he is familiar with villainous roles and he is made for this character.

Cameron Monaghan

jokerHe is the actor who plays Jerome, the supposed alter ego of The Joker on Gotham. He is probably the best Joker the industry could ever have as he is the mixture of all great Joker actors. He has the smile and the laugh of Nicholson, the cynicism of Ledger and the evil madness of Leto. Why not bring him to play Joker on the big screen as he is just perfect for the role.

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