8 New Developments You Need To Know About The Batman

Ever since Ben Affleck Stepped down as the director of The Batman and Matt Reeves was hired, we haven’t got to know much about what all is going on with the movie and what we could expect from it. But still, according to the reports we have heard until now, we know a few things about the upcoming movie(s). Here is a list of new things you need to know about Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’.

Matt Reeves just saved it from a big Controversy 



The latest news that came out suggested that Matt Reeves had signed for the movie only because they pitched it to be a movie devoid of the DCEU. He said “When they approached me, what they said was, ‘Look, it’s standalone. This isn’t part of the Extended Universe”. But now he has confirmed that what he meant was that Batman would be a standalone movie and not many cameos supporting other stories of the DCEU should be expected.

The script is being re-written

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Earlier when Affleck was in charge of the movie, it was being written by him as well. But, when he stepped down and Reeves was brought on, Ben Affleck’s script was thrown away and Reeves is starting the movie from scratch, which is pretty obvious as no director would want to take up someone else’s work.

Matt Reeves has hinted a Trilogy

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“I have ideas about an arc, but really, the important thing is just to start … you have to start with one. You know, you have to start with a story that begins something.” said Reeves. After that, he said that his Apes movies were also not planned out from the beginning and it went on to become a trilogy and the same thing could happen with ‘The Batman’. We have already heard rumors that WB was already planning for a Trilogy even before Reeves came on, so it is a big possibility now.

Reeves Wants to get inside Batman’ head

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“The Dark Knight, which I think is an incredible movie, the thing that really resonates about that is The Joker… his story and that performance, and everything about the filmmaking that relates to that character – it’s his (Heath Ledger’s) movie. And I think Christian Bale is great, but I think that that movie really resonated with everyone because of that character (The Joker), its portrayal, and the way that the movie presented his unsettling perspective and the way that crashed up against Batman. I think I am interested in being even more inside of Batman.” said Reeves.

Deathstroke’s role is still a Big Secret

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Deathstroke was announced as the main villain when Affleck was in-charge and Joe Manganiello was cast to play the master assassin. But when Affleck stepped down and it is being written from scratch as we heard, Deathstroke’s part in the movie became a big mystery. This is what Joe said, “I don’t [have any information]. Well, I do but nothing that I can share. I know everything but I can’t say any of it.” Looks like it will stay a mystery for a while.

It will be a villain-packed story


One of the most burning questions surrounding The Batman is who will serve as its villains? Or at least it will be once the Batfleck uncertainty is resolved. Earlier Deathstroke was on point to be the main bad guy, but now sources claim the film will be “packed with Bat villains”, adding that “just about every major bad guy you’ve ever wanted to see in a movie” will make the cut.

It will feature a more Classic Batman

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Matt Reeves is poring over the original DC Comics source material in search of elements to include but has assured fans the film will “personal” and relevant to modern times. He said, “The thing that’s interesting is the way in which you connect to these stories. I think I’ll draw inspiration from these stories, but I want it to be rooted in something that feels not personal to me but relevant to the time.”


It will come out in 2019

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According to Reeves, the movie will go into production in mid-2018, so a very likely release date for it will be 2019. As of now, two movies are confirmed for 2019 including SHAZAM and Wonder Woman 2 which is coming out in April and December respectively. According to reports, WB is eying a July 2019 release date for The Batman.

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