10 Best CGI Characters Ever Created in Hollywood Movies

CGI characters are your type if you want somebody to bring out the lifelike expressions and movements. The acting was just the beginning, but CGI is the toughest communicator which does more than routine work, it makes characters believable. The traditional sense of the word is motion capture. The Academy Awards found the toughest call for the actors, should they be put under the nomination for the best actor or the best supporting categories. Characters are personalities of the different moods that has a grammar of its own. The distinguishable traits involve artificial manipulation, convincing voice, and a supremely talented actor. The digital technology has marked their rendering software as the bible of turning human into a creature or an animal into a humanoid in the final cut. Movies are the form of escapism who in the hands of master filmmakers and wizardry animators opens worlds of infinite possibilities to inhabit the souls of characters or humans during the creative process. In the 1990’s the sparing use of CGI gave birth to the 1995’s Toy Story which was a full-length CGI feature. Men and women captured gear of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities where performances of aliens, monsters, elves, and demons made way to the exotic locations of Pandora Moon, The North Pole, The Amazon and the halls of Herot without even leaving Los Angeles. Here are The 10 Best CGI characters who have captured the imagination of all.

 1. Dobby-The House Elf

When the casting for the house elf began, what Columbus was aiming for was a CGI version of the Puppet

“Everyone fell in love with E.T.,” Columbus says. “I wanted a character who felt as real and as dimensional as that.”

Diane Gibbins, of Trenchard Lodge, played Dobby in the final two films of the franchise. The actor showed signs of her greatest adventure besides Tom, Rupert and she also has photographs of Daniel with her.

Dobby was the resident male house-elf who served the Malfoy Manor and was forced to spy on Harry whilst the Malfoys come up with their dubious plan of expelling him forever. This particular scene where Dobby approaches Daniel was voiced by the veteran actor Toby Jones who had been around for a while and had 100 on-screen acting credits to his name. Besides Remus, Albus, Hagrid Dobby became the 1st male assistant lead in the Pottermore universe.

 2. Caesar-Planets of the Ape Trilogy

Computer generated imagery has never stopped the 54-year old actor to be rather unimaginative in his enjoyably devilish twist. If Tom Hardy can portray Bane behind a mask with his eyes doing all the talking, what Serkis does is surely acting, as one must see behind the scenes videos of Planet of Apes. His avatar is epic and entertaining which he continued ceremoniously from 2011’s Planet of The Apes to the 2014’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes until 2017’s War for The Planet of Apes series. The Haddock Guy seems never out of tricks who is the hero for pushing the envelope of motion-capture acting. With “Dawn” there came the untethered head-mounted cameras that showcased him in complete 360. The nuances of Serkis is on full display in the trilogy series.

The entire performance happens on an internal level, then the great work happens when they incorporate that performance on the physiognomy of an ape. Being a part of 3 films in a row, the actor had to differentiate Caesar’ evolution by placing new physical restrictions on himself. In the first film, the actor wore chimpanzee teeth, on the second film he wore mouth guards to stop him from fully forming words. In war, he decided to completely take them away since he was trying to articulate words. In some ways, the actor had to stay away from the Uncanny Valley where human androids create a feeling of unease for the audience. Even though it failed to capture the intrigue of the early 70’s movies but the CGI was a devotion of the critical monkey tongue.

 3. Smaug-The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Playing Smaug was a corporeal experience for Benedict Cumberbatch. Previously the actor did play the creature Frankenstein for Danny Boyle at the National Theatre. For both “Desolation of Smaug” and the “Battle of the Five Armies”, he plays the role of a perilous dragon. The actor stated that went to the London Zoo to study animals including lizards. His motion capture inspired the sort of rabid, overwhelming love for what people adore when they see cat videos and cute babies crying. The actor got self – conscious when he saw himself playing the 48 frames detractor porn- dragon. He described it as a sort of model acting which involved more animatronics than a digital creation. He wanted to share this ode to his father who read him about the dragon when he was 6 or 7, for him it was a bedtime treat.

 4. Durotan-Warcraft

The acclaimed actor Toby Kobbel was the mankind-hating bonobo called Koba in Dawn of the Planet of Apes. The visual effects supervisor Bill Westenhofer was the disguised master here as he shared on how the envelope was pushed further for the noble orc Durotan in Warcraft. The facial capture technology consisted of 150 dots which were placed on Kebbel’s face so two cameras could record the actor’s detailed expression and make his CGI character show that much more emotion.

Durotan the chieftain of the Frostwolf clan, is one of those leaders of an invading war along with his pregnant wife and best friend Ogrim Warhammer who lost their home when the warlock Gul’dan ascended into power. The fantasy action adventure portrays the very noble and brave personality. After his sojourn for large tusks of teeth and monstrous features and snarling lack hairs, Durotan was given the human prism of all orcs that were presented in the feature.

 5. Andy Serkis-King Kong

Best CGI Characters Hollywood Movies

The man inside Gollum has defined the next generation of storytelling. The actor who lined up to perform the dizzy adaptations of the Animal Farm and Jungle book for Imaginarium Productions was put on hold as he got shifted to play the creature of Skull Kingdom’s hellraising character origin. The epiphany was described as King Kong.

For Peter Jackson, he required someone who could make the decisions on set for that role. After a life of unconventional living of conventional parts such as when he played Ian Brady in the Channel 4 Film Longford, eccentric record producer Martin Hannett in 24 Hour Party People and the menacing Rigaud in BBC’s Litte Dorrit, it was taken he could play anything.

 6. Grand Moff Tarkin-Rogue One a Stars War Story

How do you bring back people from the dead who reportedly passed away twenty years ago and then proceeded with filming that tries and explores the past with his very presence in the movie? Peter Cushing who died in 1994 was the party scene appearance of Rogue One storyline that apparently overcame the biggest stumbling block for CGI Resurrectors in the history of morbid and alive making. Particularly an actor was hired who was wheeled since he resembled the death legend and then cheekbones were digitally stuck with old bits of the face on top to make techies look intelligent in the room. It was the greatest fun encounter outstretched to a pure space thrill. The people responsible for driving this immortality are the living strangers who are the subversion of the natural order.

 7. Godzilla-Godzilla (2014)

Director Gareth Edwards, the writer/director/special effects guru delivered the most beautiful film called Monsters. Godzilla, the cold war inspired demon relied heavily on classic films making it an international recognition which doesn’t coincide with the giant monster vs monster CGI spectacle. With the exception of the 1954 movie, the director’s second favourite film happens to be Destroy All Monsters epic where he fell in love with the idea of a monster island with all these creatures that captured the vision of many. The CGI Focussed creature combatant is very least an imagination which changes or take multiple forms and the space for fan favourite multi creature following such as Mothra, Gigan, Rodan and also King Ghidorah in the sequel.

 8. The Beast-Beauty and the Beast

The beast has been a technical marvel, as it created a daunting challenge for its actor Dan Stevens. But, the romantic-action musical seriously needs a reroute of the technological muscle. The VFX could be best described as the ambitious mixture of motion capture and CGI. With the “Direct Drive Process”, it aims to demonstrate the notable work towards advancing facial capture. The direction of VFX Supervisor Kelly Port was all about keeping it real since Bill Condon wasn’t a fan of CGI Movies. Andy Serkis could have been the personal advisor and the creative producer behind such a production. But according to the direction, the conversations were never easy. The same version has been reportedly being used for 2008 Brad Pitt’s Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

 9. Gollum-The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit Trilogy

[“Ever heard a cat coughing on a furball?”]

“Ever heard a cat coughing on a furball?” that’s how the actor prepped for his character Gollum in the LOTR trilogy which took shape of a breathing person. Author Tolkien describes it’s picture to be dark sallow or bone white. The costume was a tight grey tenard and small little sensors were all over the body and face, that’s how Serkis remembers his disguise. But above all his shrieks, yells, and cries is what gets you by the gut. For audiences and critics, it was this weird mutant hobbit that amazed all with his performance, since it was definitely a talent.

 10. Yoda-Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

It’s CGI Vs Puppet for this one. The phantom menace had helped develop the stature of the puppet figure as something of a cult status. Since his Battlefront in Attack of the Clones, he was introduced as a CGI character. Movie fans were disheartened with this move and weren’t happy with this action. Yoda’s battle with Count Dooku and parallel duel with Darth Sidious in Revenge of the Sith made this lightsabre battle more palatable.

Defending George Lucas’s practical choice OZ from the Muppet Guys Talking: Secrets Behind the Show the Whole World Watched said,

“As a filmmaker, George needed to tell a particular story. And this story that he needed to tell was a big fight with Yoda. And he could not do that with a puppet. It was impossible. To he had the choice to either dump the story or stay with the story–which he felt strongly about–or change Yoda. So, he did what any storyteller would do.”

The most memorable moment for the Last Jedi has been the return of the Yoda Puppet to the Star Wars Universe. The Last Jedi’s Yoda designer master Neal Scanlan felt it was absolutely right that they had decided to create the puppet in close likeness to the original. Since Frank Oz-like his original film before was to commandeer his puppet. Neal wanted Oz to be provided with the same basic puppet that was used in Empire Strikes Back.

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