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  • Feb- 2019 -
    8 February
    MoviesSuperheroes Who Used The Infinity Gauntlet

    14 Superheroes Who Used The Infinity Gauntlet Besides Thanos

    The Infinity Gauntlet is the most powerful weapon in all of reality. The glove is designed to hold six of ‘the soul gems’ better known as the Infinity Gems. When used in combination their already shocking powers can make the wearer do anything, in Avenger’s case wipe out half the earth’s population. In actual power, the wearer possesses control over…

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  • 5 February
    MoviesThe Batman Matt Reeves

    The Heroes And Villains of Matt Reeves’ Batman 160-Page Long Script

    Director of Monkey Business (Planet of The Apes Trilogy); Matt Reeves is a writer that understands his characters duties well.  The filmmaker of the recent Apes Blockbuster shed light on the creatures of his 160 pages long Batman script. It sounds like Matt stopped “monkeying” around with his time swapping simians for bats. With blockbusters and awards seasons around, the…

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  • 3 February
    MoviesFast and Furious Spin-Off Hobbs & Shaw Keanu Reeves

    10 Worldwide Popcorn-Tequila Shots of ‘Hobbs And Shaw’ Trailer That Will Rock Your World

    Hobbs And Shaw Trailer: Deckard Shaw and Agent Hobbs are reluctant partners in this mad caper.  In absence of Vin Diesel, the Fast and Furious Spinoff war is between the Rock and Deckard place. There always falls a line when there is plenty of ridiculous muscly action among the opposite sides of being agents. This time the pair teams up…

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  • Jan- 2019 -
    26 January
    MoviesIron Man

    10 Things People Always Get Wrong About Iron Man

    The Iron Man is the playboy-billionaire-philanthropist that people tend to confuse with its billionaire-orphan-vigilante-fighting-justice arc which is ironed all over its metallic face. But alas, he is not another Batman. The meteoric rise of comic book heroes and villains including the likes of Harley Quinn and Spider-Man has gained a wild fandom over the consecutive years since their characters have the…

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  • 24 January
    MoviesHorror Movies That Are Based on Actual Conspiracies

    10 Horror Movies That Are Based on Actual Conspiracies

    Horror Movies That Are Based on Actual Conspiracies:  Horror Filmmakers and enthusiasts are more concerned with their surroundings than their fallings for fantastical creatures. Moviegoers might spend extra time looking over their shoulders based on the facts that “Stranger Things” happened in actual life. Actual events possess an emotional weight scarier than the traditional drama films. It’s easier to watch…

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  • 22 January
    CelebsJoker Heath Ledger Netflix

    Heath Ledger Death Anniversary: 20 Haunting facts about the Joker Actor

    Heath Ledger is the astonishing body of work in the tragically portrait of his short career life. The Curious Case of the actor was a result of overdose intoxication which was deemed accidental. The Knight’s tale was the beginning of something new after his starry career in Australian television and film productions during the 1990s, Heath Ledger left for the…

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  • Nov- 2018 -
    18 November

    15 Great Services of Stan Lee That Made Him A Legend

    Stan Lee was done with comics. He according to a famous source was quoted he was writing “Nonsense.” as he piloted over his wife Joan admitting himself to be in a stupid business. The Maverick was a tongue and cheek persona who didn’t give the rollicking fart of writing any more jingoisms for a country’s advocacy. Instead, he wanted to…

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  • Oct- 2018 -
    25 October
    MoviesHarry Potter Prequel Series

    Burning Answers For What’s Next For Harry Potter Prequel Series

    Harry Potter Prequel Series: In an effort to thwart Grindelwald’s plan of raising wizards born of pure blood (blood of both magical parents) wizards, J.K. Rowling has already started writing the third of the five total entries in the Wizarding World Saga. It’s not often that one gets to pick on the brains of the literary writer who knows her…

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  • 21 October
    MoviesMCU Plot Twists

    15 Savage MCU Plot Twists That Fooled us

    MCU Plot Twists: The power of a plot swerve is the eradicating move of all fan theories that gain the best public response ever. Arguably, these adaptations are the tools of a risky business that can wipe your smirk off your faces right in the middle of interesting service of thoughts. Remember the Sixth Sense movie or the 12 Monkeys…

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  • 15 October
    MoviesHighest Grossing Movies of Bradley Cooper

    How ‘A Star is Born’ Sets Itself Apart From The Other Remakes

    Power to the stars who are going to give birth to the violent love at the theatres. The Bradley Cooper-Lady Gaga vehicle is the immense power who will bare it all on the concert production by Todd Philipps, (Currently shooting The Joker). The musical pair on-screen are not your usual lovers who perform at gay bars and sing Midnight Special…

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  • Sep- 2018 -
    28 September

    Dark Phoenix: Director Simon Kinberg Teases Alien Villains In The Movie

    The X Men Franchise is turning twelve this year as they battle the alien force threatening to overtake Jean Grey’s mind. A throwback to a similar storyline in 2006, X Men Last Stand (the classic Dark Phoenix Arc) didn’t turn out well as many would have hoped since they claimed to have adapted directly from Chris Claremont’s source material. However,…

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  • 22 September

    10 Best CGI Characters Ever Created in Hollywood Movies

    CGI characters are your type if you want somebody to bring out the lifelike expressions and movements. The acting was just the beginning, but CGI is the toughest communicator which does more than routine work, it makes characters believable. The traditional sense of the word is motion capture. The Academy Awards found the toughest call for the actors, should they…

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  • 13 September

    Will Michael B. Jordan’s Casting Prove To Be “Black Kryptonite” For DCEU?

    The alleged rumors are a representation of Hollywood’s whitewashing reality. The diversity and representation in Hollywood on both sides of the camera have been the social conversation of late. The product being considered here is Killmonger’s specifics that has been branded as the representation of hiring black actors or white actors of a different language. Michel B Jordan’s policy applies…

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  • Aug- 2018 -
    30 August

    10 Actors Who Are Desperate to Never Play A Superhero Again

    An actor’s career is a profile that doesn’t tend to get secure when he is the leading man attached to a single project. Sometimes when a role is stretched beyond infinity, the palpable drama of keeping the audiences hooked diminishes, as you can’t expect the sun to keep shining regardless. Superhero dramas are the millennial mania that ceases actors of…

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  • 28 August

    10 Best Non Marvel/DC Comic Book Movies According to Rotten Tomatoes

    Comic Book movies are perhaps the most demanding when it comes to audiences. There are certain groundbreaking concepts that are not materialised from the enduring legacy of the Marvel or the DC universe. According to Victor Hugo who says, “If a writer wrote merely for his time, then I would have to break my pen and throw it away.” Comic…

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  • 19 August
    NewsSuperheroes Who Have Defeated Doctor Doom

    15 Superheroes Who Have Defeated Doctor Doom in a Fight

    Every face has a mask to conceal its identity. But literally when a brilliant scientist has his handsome face scarred, it’s an evil birthright to become history’s biggest monster. Men tremble in fear when summoned upon the Master of Science and Sorcery. Victor Von Doom aka Doctor Doom has been established as the premier villain of Marvel Comic Universe. Ascension…

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