Will Michael B. Jordan’s Casting Prove To Be “Black Kryptonite” For DCEU?

The alleged rumors are a representation of Hollywood’s whitewashing reality. The diversity and representation in Hollywood on both sides of the camera have been the social conversation of late. The product being considered here is Killmonger’s specifics that has been branded as the representation of hiring black actors or white actors of a different language. Michel B Jordan’s policy applies to all LGBT communities, disabilities and underrepresented groups that has bygone the possibility of casting a black superman for real. The critically favorite breakout star of Fruitvale Station has had more success in playing the Black Panther character for Marvel than any other relevant portrayals.

With Henry Cavill’s exit there will be no planned Superman movies for many years, instead, the birth of Supergirl is being written whose origin is about to take place on the doomed planet of Krypton when the Man of Steel was just an infant. However, the new policy is more statement of goals and doesn’t mention anything particular. But it is being considered as the covenant for people of color, women, and members of backward classes who will underwrite errors of all film productions moving backward to a prehistoric age since the audience are being limited to only certain geographies.

Black Superheroes matter as of today since the audience wants colors to be in full control and take the center stage. The Blaxploitation cinema of the 1970’s gave black audiences their favorite superhero following ranging from Shaft, Cleopatra Jones, Coffey, Slaughter, Foxy Brown. The synopsis of their background information involved inner-city vigilantes, detectives, ex-cons, and nurses of authority and corruption. These advanced species of protagonists are centered at the heart of Nixon’s Law and Order campaign where they get consumed by alter egos to mete out justice.

So according to a source’s information, Superman is the James Bond of films who is given the commercial responsibility of resetting the franchise in a different direction. The passionate blow for Henry Cavill would turn out to be the clearer definition for Michael B Jordan if he is to don the red cape. The Policy is not limited for Warner Bros. the studio either. It applies to the Warner Media (Formerly Time Warner) banner as well including HBO and Turner.

Here are some policy benefits to look at:

 1. Just Mercy

Michael B Jordan’s production starrer featuring Brie Larson and Jamie Foxx is moving ahead. The first interracial courtroom drama has found a director who has shot “Short Term 12”. Director Destin Cretton is helming and co-writing along with his partner in crime Andrew Lanham. Jordan and Gil Netter are the serving producers behind the adaptation that tells the true story of Bryan Stevenson(Jordan), a gifted young lawyer fighting for equal justice in a flawed legal system.

The film’s original set up was with Broad Green Pictures but then moved to Warner Bros. who showed their keen on working along with him while the latter shut down. Foxx is supposed to play the death row inmate whom Jordan is supposed to defend. Foxx’s character is the coveted role that actors run behind for the awards season spotlight. Foxx has also been roped in for Spawn from Todd Mcfarlane and Jason Blum.

 2. Michael B. Jordan’s Speech on Inclusion

Black Panther villain can teach us about the revolutionary history. The dream of fighting for his people and righting injustices against their kins. But Michael B Jordan is choosing the positive attitude towards such statement that will correct the past directions for the idealistic future. Frances McDormand is the true inspiration behind his attitude change that plans the early development for his projects that are now going to take shape in the form he wanted to get it made. For a clarity of thought, an annual report by Warner Media is supposed to get published on the progress of its policy trendsetter which will affect film and television moving forward.

Warner Brothers Crazy Rich Asians have been the eye opener for refugees featuring historically left out members who became one with the nation. Films like Black Panther and Get Out were the storm who proved their value’s worth better than a smart business move. Extreme lucrative offers are being undertaken to conquer a lost tribe that was never in the radar of the studio.

 3. The Other Roles Apart from Superman

Jordan was one such actor who was pushed for an academy award nomination by Walt Disney. But for Warner Studio’s Superman isn’t the only replacement they are looking for. Rumors are that Batman Star Ben Affleck is being considered to be replaced with Game of Thrones Star for Matt Reeves Adaptation. A much younger star is on the hooks for Matt Reeves Batman character who is probably the Alfred Hitchcock’s prima descendant that will change the nature the comic books are being viewed today. 

 4. Stephen Colbert’s Campaign

Stephen Colbert wants to be the next Superman and its true. The former political agenda speaker took to Twitterati about his definition for playing Superman. The Warner Brother’s Drama just got more intense when it was first reported in the morning that Cavill is exiting the Superman Role as mentioned by Hollywood Reporter. Follow up to that the exit collected the following negotiations for Superman’s cameo in the Shazam scheduling conflicts. However, the day unfolds the plot thickening added a new twist from Cavill’s Manager Garcia.

“Be peaceful the cape is still in the closet”

Superman Henry Cavill DC

The dialogue was then followed with a statement from the spokesperson from Warner Bros. who concluded that they have absolutely no qualms with their actor and a great collaboration that will never be forgotten. The words were exact these

“While no decisions have been made regarding any upcoming Superman films, we’ve always had great respect for and a great relationship with Henry Cavill, and that remains unchanged,” read the statement from a Warner Bros. spokesperson.

 5. Henry Cavill’s Instagram

The Instagram morning was welcomed with a delighted sight of Cavill wearing a Superman T-shirt texted Krypton. The actor in his upper handsome way was in no way inhibited to share the morning news as nothing less than exciting. Millions of fans have responded to the live motion, but the silence is even the better mystery that plays in large.

 6. Henry Cavill Witcher Series

The break time for the actor is a huge breakfast season as he must gain his appetite for the TV adaptation of Netflix’s Witcher series. Henry Cavill is at the center for Geralt art without the beard intervention of the character which is absolutely true to the looks. The Fanart is the most talked about post on Reddit that shows a golden-eyed Cavill without the facial hair made famous in the games.

The novelization of the video game is a fantasy series where a solitary monster hunter struggles to find his place in a world where people often tend to be more wicked than the beasts. It is only the call of destiny that the hunter, a sorceress and a young princess with a dangerous secret would have to sort it all out in the ever-rising volatile continent. Lauren Schmidt Hisrich the producer and showrunner of the series is developing a script for Alik Sakharov, Alex Garcia Lopez and Charlotte Brandstorm for an eight-episode directed series.

The series marks as the actor’s first tv appearance since he did Tudors back in 2010. The Witcher beginnings were a series of short stories published by Poland author Andrzej Sapkowski in the 1980s. Since then it has been adapted as the popular video game, tabletop games, and comic books.

 7. How Michael B Jordan’s inclusion may alienate

Superman Michael B. Jordan DCEU

An outsider trying to assimilate into the society is what defines Superman best or the narration got changed since Snyder took the reins of Man of Steel. The Kryptonian has always been marginalized for the super-rich white privileged dude. Superman being black was always going be a natural progression of character in some form but ultimately there are so many black and non-white comic book heroes that deserve their own screening.


The kind of race binding that goes on to alleviate people’s response to this news always turns out to be hyperbolic. This is a conversation worth having important but at the end of the day, there is no pretending that there is a denial of a racial component in this news.

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