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How Aquaman’s Atlantis is Different From Namor’s Talocan in MCU

Namor is an anti-hero in the comics as he could either be the most incredible savior of the human world or its greatest threat. That largely depends upon his mood! He is starting as an Antagonist and will turn into a protagonist with his future appearances. Following his birth, he was raised as a warrior to protect Atlantis. And he eventually became the King of this underwater kingdom. But that’s not the case in the MCU, as he is the king of a realm called Talocan instead.

What is Talocan?

Here Namor is being given a Mayan heritage. He won’t be the King of an underwater kingdom but a God of the water-connected realm that’s Talocan. This realm has connections to the old Mayan and Aztec civilizations. And for those who aren’t aware, these civilizations resided in Mesoamerica, roughly the southern part of North America. That’s why a Mexican actor was cast for the role. And apparently, Tenoch Huerta has also learned the Mayan language to play the part.


MCU’s Talocan is based on the underworld realms in the Aztec codices called “Tlalocan.” It is a paradise for the souls of those who died of water or storm-related death. The MCU has introduced many afterlives, realms, and dimensions in Phase 4. And Talocan stays consistent with that pattern. Instead of being a Kingdom that’s physically present underwater, it seems to be an adjacent realm or a dimension that can be accessed through underwater gateways.


Talocan in MCU

The closest example to this would come from Shang-Chi. Remember how there was a gateway to Talo somewhere in China? Similarly, underwater gateways could connect to this realm, largely or entirely underwater. One of these doorways to Talcon must be near Mesoamerica. These temples related to Talocan could be seen on Aztec and Mayan lands. And the Talocanian doorways and portals also explain how Wakanda will be flooded in the movie.


If you look at the location of Wakanda on the world map, you can see that it is in the middle of the African continent. It is far inland and nowhere near any ocean.  So how does Namor bring a giant flood into Wakanda and drowns its central city? Well, all this water comes from the realm of Talocan. A gateway to this realm must have been opened in the nearest water body to Wakanda, and that’s how Namor could have brought a flood into the Wakandan nation.


Now, this ability makes Namor dangerous as he could attack anyone in the world who is close to a water body that’s large enough to drown in. He doesn’t just have connections to the oceans but rivers, lakes, and ponds. Talocan is a separate dimension that isn’t physically present on Earth. So this explains why none of the Talocanians have been caught or talked about in the MCU. They haven’t shown themselves correctly until now.


In the Aztec codices, the ruler of Tlalocan is the Aztec rain God Tlāloc. But in MCU’s Talocan, he seems to have been replaced by this serpent God that Namor is seen in the painting. The Wakandans worship the Panther Goddess Bast, and Black Panther is sort of a representative of Bast. He isn’t an Avatar of Bast like Marc Spector is of Khonshu, but he is close. Similarly, Namor could be an avatar or a representative of this serpent God. His people refer to him as K’uk’ulcan, The Feather Serpent God. He is a God in Talocan.


So, that’s how Talocan in MCU is different from Atlantis.

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