10 Worldwide Popcorn-Tequila Shots of ‘Hobbs And Shaw’ Trailer That Will Rock Your World

Hobbs And Shaw Trailer:

Deckard Shaw and Agent Hobbs are reluctant partners in this mad caper.  In absence of Vin Diesel, the Fast and Furious Spinoff war is between the Rock and Deckard place. There always falls a line when there is plenty of ridiculous muscly action among the opposite sides of being agents. This time the pair teams up to take on a new supervillain played by Idris Elba. The Franchise has grown so big thanks to the producer Diesel of his creative zest of keeping the series together. At the core of the movies, there was family.

Hobbs And Shaw Trailer

Now as per Jason Statham the case for this one is a wild and funny entertaining ride with Vanessa Kirby who has wandered far off from the crown. There were multiple news of onset conflict between Diesel and Rock and the two haven’t kept quiet about their opinions for each other. Brutal adversaries and enemies boast the biggest blockbuster of this season as evidenced by the film’s first trailer. The primary antagonist superpowered by Idris Elba involves huge action set pieces and tough guy bravado of the Fast & Furious predecessors.  

The Brilliant Enemy

“I’m dealing with the future of the planet”

“I’m the necessary shock to the system”

“I am human evolutionary change”


Maybe the car witchcraft thin was only just a bad voodoo by the Fast and Furious Franchise but the evolution to superheroics has just taken place. The FF spinoff brings together car vigilante superhero Luke Hobbs and villain turned ally Deckard Shaw against evil Captain America.  The first standalone film for the Furious characters is about the control of an insidious bio threat gained by cyber genetically enhanced anarchist Brixton (Idris Elba). His super strength would be he is an advanced supersoldier who also happens to be a bulletproof superhuman.  The Brixton is at his best when he has the power upon the hazardous threat spread that could alter humanity forever. Like a cross between Pacific Rim and Winter Soldier Idris Elba is a villain who has got superpowers. On the path to being untouchable, he bests a brilliant and fearless rogue MI6 agent Shaw’s sister. The two sworn enemies one a rogue cop and the other the assassin turn goodwill combine their swagger to take upon the only guy who might turn badder than themselves.

David LeitchHobbs And Shaw Trailer

The writer-director helm of John Wick, Deadpool 2 is the headlight of these actions infuriated trio from a script penned by Chris Morgan. According to the director, the series is going to be a little more grounded because it’s the beginning of the new chapter. The spinoff is an origin story in a sense. But not entirely a beginners tale since the stakes are going to be set up for the guys and the relationship.

Sister Act

“Building out our Fast & Furious franchise step by step. In our spin-off, Hobbs & Shaw, I have a nice new friend. Meet ‘Hattie Shaw’ played by my homegirl, Vanessa Kirby. Hattie loves the following/ Longs walks on the beach. Being a bad ass MI6 Operative. Drinking tequila with Hobbs. And not in that order. Hattie also happens to be the sister of Deckard Shaw, who’s played by Jason Statham. It tortures him that his sister Hattie is kickin’ it with Hobbs. His pain makes me very happy. But what makes me happier is welcoming this crazy talented actress and cool chick to our movie. Havin’ a blast together. Building out the franchise step by step. #HattieShaw

#MI6BadAss #TequilaDrinkerWithHobbs”


Vanessa Kirby is the quintessential addition to people who drive fancy cars in explosive car-based-heists most of the time. There is something about her who plays the assassin mistress or the Queen’s accountant that makes her the damsel in action. She is a moderating experience of all gallons of testosterone who has Shaw written all over her blood. The character besides her portfolio as explained by Hobbs above is a smart, funny MI6 operative who gives bad guys a good run for their money. Her family tree involves Magdalene Shaw, Hattie and Deckard’s mother, played by Helen Mirren who does not make an appearance in the trailer will make an entry in this film. According to Morgan who has been the writer since the Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift 2006 series marvels Kirby as a big star who is going to be amazingly hot and bold at the same time. She is the franchise’s marvel who gives the movie some classic moments

The Rock Dialogues!!

“Ice cold can of whupass”

The emmeffers of the Rock is a no-nonsense hardass character who holds no bars in this universe from the Fast Five series where he used to open a file and say “I read your File”. Now the character has evolved and is in a full action hero mode, who describes himself as an “ice-cold can of whupass”. The lines of the Rock are something which can be best described as the broad church of collection. According to Morgan, the movies are all about the incredible collaboration. For the writer, he is someone who appreciates the Rock’s routine in the morning whereas he enjoys a double espresso macchiato in one hand and an Americano in the other, cause that’s what it takes to get going in the morning. Dwayne who has worked out twice in the morning provides his character true biographical information. The character has got jokes, he is more like the general rock guy in the other movies and a tad bit goofier. There is no false advertising here. The whole thing reeks of bad blood and adrenalin based adventure that’s going to test the three as to who comes out the best on the top. The fast Universe has definitely more stories to be told. The stories will serve as the tentpole adventure between the characters and Dwayne and Jason were the clear way to do it. The trailer has all the major hallmarks of the franchise, with action sequences including a chase which takes place literally down the side of a building.

The Shaw Movie

Hobbs And Shaw Trailer

How could a family consisting of villains, spies and agents not have a film made on their challenging history? The Deckard guy was a shove when it came to killing Han in the Tokyo Drift series and yet saves the day in the Fate of the Furious series. It’s not a complaint. It’s how crazy the franchise has gotten.

Anyway, it would consider a great honor to have Jason Statham deliver a swift kick to some more sternums and kick em out of the window.

The Punch Out

Boy, I am sure there must have been some real punch out scenes in the school bathroom for the Shaw Family, but seeing this gif carrying the doom of our heroes brings a smile to my face. It’s is a GIF of a supervillain Idris Elba punching Jason Statham and The Rock so painful that they fly through the air and into parked vehicles. It’s subtle because it’s kind of hilarious, also because The Rock just two movies ago flexed a cast off of his arm.

The Truck Off Bro!!

 The real blast to have in the series that it hasn’t forgotten its petrol head roots. This installment promises plenty of vehicular action of all shapes and sizes involving the tech build truck that’s gonna sidewalk all the militants of the enemy. Chris Morgan has more of a creative hand in order to portray the Frenemies Universe. The writer intended to put Hobbs in some sort of military vehicle. The writer chuckled while he was mentioning the vehicle type he intended for both his muscle led actors. In the past, they had one called the Gurkha LAPV [Light Armored Patrol Vehicle], and one called the Napstar.” The action sequence also required some military heavy wheels which also will see Hobbs run A-B school car which he describes “Tripped Out Bronco

Mclaren to the rescue!!

While Hobbs always tends to go giant in his mission, the assassin Shaw prefers sophistication. Morgan replies putting that racing cars weren’t made exactly for the kind of stunt madness expected from an FF movie. The design is a specific need which can correct any craziness that might come with the car. The mechanics had to be of a double stronghold that can withhold maximum stability. The cars brought onto the set weren’t able to provide that maximum variation as well as be computer controlled on board. In the end, it all depended on the McLaren Mechanics to reprogramme the chips.

 It works perfectly as seen in the trailer the car skids under those two trucks, traveling towards the opposite direction.

The Skyscraper’s the Limit!!

The trailer climaxes in an explosive fight scene beside the London Skyscraper. The Fast series involved a skyscraper scene in Abu Dhabi which allowed the car to crash through the upper floor of the different buildings. However, the Fast and Furious series is also about character moments and there wasn’t a scene that had dealt with a man falling out of a skyscraper building.

The moments are all about the beats created in the middle of a heightened action never seen before. As per Morgan, the sequence seemed a really fun place to showcase the different styles of Hobbs and Shaw and do it in a way that gives you a little bit of vertigo. The sequence is just a blink of the action in the film. Because as the saying goes there is indeed a lot that goes in the final sequence of a movie.

Brothers in Chains

The final touchstone of the trailer piece pits our heroes in chains. It’s a knockout of the stereotypical tough guy legend threatened to be executed on electrocution by Brixton. Though the director of the Deadpool fame knows the boundaries he needs to push, he trusted Chris to push the action and comedy in different directions. According to the writer in terms of personal relationships and giant actions, the gigs are pretty much in tone to Fast. David focuses more on the color palette of the film which adds a little more tad sense of humor even though it’s an action film with high stakes.

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