Spider-Man: Far From Home – New Mysterio Image Shows Detailed Look at His Suit

The focus of the Marvel fan base will only shift to Spider-Man: Far From Home once we get to watch Avengers: Endgame. While Endgame is Marvel’s first priority right now, things will soon change as Sony would step in with their big project of the year. Spider-Man: Far From Home will introduce us to the new era of the MCU, as it begins the story post the Infinity Saga. We were supposed to get a new trailer last Monday, but that obviously was held back.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Posters Nick Fury

Major movie studios would love to market their films with the big movies that are coming out in April, but Sony planned to delay the release of the trailer. Reports suggested that Marvel intertwined with its release because it did have spoilers regarding Avengers: Endgame. So, we would probably be getting the trailer post Endgame.

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Sony actually doing that will turn out to be good for us because we won’t be getting a full on the third trailer, or even if we do get one, it will be a smaller with very less new footage in it. Moreover, Avengers: Endgame will not be spoiled for us any more than it already is.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Mysterio

Spider-Man: Far From Home potentially looks to be the first Spider-Man movie that will gross more than $1 Billion worldwide. It brings so much to the table. We’ve got at least 4 villains in the film by the name of Hydro-Man, Molten Man, Sandman, and Mysterio. Except for Mysterio, the other three will come under the Banner of the Elementals and will probably be one-off villains. But Jake Gyllenhaal’s Quentin Beck will be the main big bad.

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This is the first ever interpretation of Mysterio within the MCU and it is good that we got the first full-on look at him within the first trailer itself. Now we’ve got another image that shows us a detailed look at the costume that he’ll be donning in the movie:

This is a pretty comic accurate suit for Mysterio, and the only addition that has been made is the whole Gold Armor. This addition is for the better because it translates much better to the screen than it would have if Marvel went with just Green and Purple.

Peter’s friends described Mysterio as “like Iron Man and Thor rolled all into one,” but I’d say that he also has a bit of Doctor Strange element. At CCXP, Jake Gyllenhaal weighed in upon how his character gets recruited by Fury and what’s the tie-up between them. He said:

“There are these threats to the world, the Elementals, elemental creatures. And Mysterio is someone who knows about them and wants to make sure that the world is safe from them. And Nick Fury asks him to come on and help because he’s the only one who really understands them. And then he teams up with the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and unfortunately has to make him become more than a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.”

Spider-Man: Far From Home Posters Nick Fury

He also spoke about Mysterio with the Los Angeles Times, and he answered the question of why he took on this role in particular:

“It’s great. He’s a great character. It’s one of those things, people have asked me for a number of years, ‘You wanna do a movie like that? If you were asked to, would you?’ And my response has always been, particularly since being at Sundance, so many of the stories have always been, for many years since I’ve been coming here, character-driven, and that has always been my desire, is to find something in that space, that seems to match my skill and also my own honesty. And it just so happened that it does with that part, so I’m glad that people feel excited about it.”

With Jake Gyllenhaal involved, we can actually hope to get the best ever Spider-Man villain on screen. Spider-Man: Far From Home comes out on July 5.

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