Dark Phoenix: Director Simon Kinberg Teases Alien Villains In The Movie

The X Men Franchise is turning twelve this year as they battle the alien force threatening to overtake Jean Grey’s mind. A throwback to a similar storyline in 2006, X Men Last Stand (the classic Dark Phoenix Arc) didn’t turn out well as many would have hoped since they claimed to have adapted directly from Chris Claremont’s source material.

Dark Phoenix Trailer

However, in addition to the trailer, director Simon Kinberg reveals the embrace of the cosmic elements that were the part of the original comics, especially the Dark Phoenix Saga. As a screenwriter, his bond with the previous installments had been exclusive. His adaptations have remained through First Class Mutant Saga and beyond and now as writer-director he is ready to give that Jean Grey’s struggle the cinematic experience it deserves. The big screen treatment teases us towards a new direction where a mysterious figure exists in the form of Jessica Chastain’s character.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix’s antagonist is an extra-terrestrial species as confirmed by Kinberg. He also confirmed that the character is not named “Smith” and opted out of all the filth reportings that reported her to be Lilandra, empress of the Shi’ar Empire. To get the lowdown on the Dark Phoenix trailer, the director plays with the titbits as he likes playing with imagination a tad longer.

Sophie Turner’s relationship with Jessica Chastain

A malevolent, power-hungry force threatens to overtake Jean Grey‘s mind, and this is what attracts Chastain to the character. The relationship spilled here is that of Chastain wanting to use Turner’s powers like her own. The character is very seductive as it kind of makes Jean Grey trust the alien natured stranger. Kinberg also didn’t waste the opportunity of shooting down a fan’s theory which revealed that Chastain’s character might be the gender-swapped version of Mastermind. To which he reverted that the character imbibes the certain personality traits of the villain but is not the character otherwise.

“I will say that Jessica’s character is not Mastermind but there are elements of the way Mastermind manipulates Jean that Jessica’s character does employ,” Kinberg explained. “For me, as you’ll see, that Jessica’s character has elements of a few different characters from the comics.”

The Cracked Facial

X-Men: Dark Phoenix TrailerOur Mutant Lady’s face appears to be internally cracked. To be beautiful and have face streaked with white lines is just the beginnings of the interpretation. Over the span of the premise, there will be different iterations of her face which will be the mercurial narrative of losing control of her powers. The symmetry of the cracking implies the pushover over the manifestation of her transformation from the Jean to Phoenix. The facial deconstruction is the sign of something that is more powerful living inside her.

The Beginnings of Genosha

After the preview people are sure to remember Magneto’s Israel homeland for mutants. It is in the past when the professor decides to rebuild his residential care, Magneto decides to build a mecca for his fellow mutants. The vegetation habitat is the place where Jean approaches Magneto for help. Because it is he who has been on both sides of the coin.

For the takeaway, Genosha is a small crescent-shaped island located to the northeast of Madagascar on the eastern coast of Africa. Genosha was the thriving richest country in the world. However, the source of all the wealth was positively identified from the slavery of the mutants. The foundations of Genoshan society were disputed due to the efforts of outside mutant interests.

Some members of the X-Men, (Wolverine, Rogue, and their ally Madelyne Pryor), were trapped by Genoshan Magistrates under the order of the Genegineer. A new Genoshone Regime that promises better treatment of mutants is under the command of Magneto and this is perhaps the next chapter that is left to be explored.

Kinberg on Intergalactic Influence

Something that was never attempted before with X3, had to be accepted somewhere along the X Men Phoenix storyline. The integral part of the story will build the fair amount of incident in space since they must link the cosmic aspect of the story. The inciting incident turns Jean Grey into this unstoppable force that is not only a barrier for her internal psychosis but rather casts a long shield for her mentor Professor Xavier who made a few moral choices along the way regarding Jean’s burgeoning powers that will be the cause of serious repercussions among his relationships with the X Men and Magneto. Indeed, the professor here is on a destructive bender that involves an interstellar trip, abandonment of the downright furious Beast, Magneto’s beginnings of Homeland for the mutants.

Well, one thing that is confirmed that Chastain is not of this earth. She is the force that joins the mutant crew back home once Turner is consumed of the energy. She is claimed to be the devil incarnate of Jean’s rebellious stride that will encourage our female antagonist to push the vulnerable mutant to her further extremes that will only result in the explosive breakout. Cut towards the end of the trailer we get a sneak peek of the outer space incident that kickstarts the whole Phoenix takeover. The Learning is rather hard to explain since what one can observe here is she is taking in a multitude of the planetary force and over the course seems vigorous.

“Jean is in space, and what she’s taking in is a cosmic force that she thinks is one thing, and over the course of the movie realises is something far different, that our human science can’t explain,” says Kinberg. “But she needs to find a way to control it or she’ll destroy more than just her friends – and even our planet.”

The Comic Lore

Director Kinberg speaks of the intergalactic stories of the roles that are in development at the 20th Century Fox. Extra-terrestrial stories have been the fuel of the Marvel mythology. The movies are expanding into this various space of alien territory and darker fairytale stories. There are forces to be reckoned with that opens a whole new area of science that expands the theatre of these specific characters. The audiences are becoming aware of the genesis of these arcs and help guides the plot to reach it’s final stage.

“I always look to the comics obviously as the touchstones for the movies, and as you know and all fans know there is a lot of cosmic, extra-terrestrial stories in the X-Men lore,” Kinberg said. “It’s not something that we’ve explored in the past. It’s something we certainly begin to explore in this movie and if it’s appropriate to whatever the next movies would be then I would absolutely do that. It’s something I think audiences have almost grown accustomed to now given that the Marvel [MCU] movies are so often now intergalactic.”

On record to assure that it’ll feature one or two extraterrestrial characters or good measure, one is definitely Miss Sinister.

Not a stranger to his own creation the nefarious Mr. Sinister had created a virus which consisted a sample of his DNA since he had been anticipating his physical death for some time. His chosen host was Claudine Renko, a previously unknown woman who turned out to be a test subject. When automatically perished during the Messiah Complex, the virus was automatically activated within Claudine. She became the female villain and the female clone of Mr. Sinister, also adapting the telekinetic power of her father she has been having this wicked attitude towards life.

Professor Xavier’s Downfall

It is quite understandable from the premise that the choices taken by Xavier have left his X-Men to wander off into the unknown whilst battling the dark mind of Jean Grey. Her powers are mostly telekinetic but then there is this other broken part of her which has been blocked by the professor. And people in the movie start trying to blame him who has nothing to do with him, a reason that takes place in space for Jean Grey becomes more unstable towards the future.

“Charles has been hiding secrets about Jean’s past from her that get revealed over the span of the movie, and only make her more unstable”

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