10 Shocking Things in DCEU Movies That Were CGI

DCEU Movies That Were CGI:

Special effects and CGI have become a favorite tool for movie houses nowadays. DCEU is one of the franchises known for relying on a lot of special effects. Some were lauded by the world while others were trolled heavily on the internet. Superman’s awkward chin was the most notorious CGI of DCEU. But there are instances where the CGI was so smooth and smart that none of the audiences recognized it. We have mentioned 10 things that were CGI in DCEU.

 1. Bat Suit

To fight crime in the suits that our actors wear must be extremely difficult in real life. Since the original suit and armor was painfully heavy for Ben Affleck, the team adopted for a CGI suit during the action sequences in Batman V Superman.

 2. Wonder Woman’s Belly

Gal Gadot Superhero in Real Life

Gal Gadot has proved on many occasions that she is no less than a real-life Wonder Woman. Nothing can stop the highly dedicated woman from doing her job. Even though she is considered as one of the fittest actresses, the special effects team had to use CGI on her belly. That’s because Gal was pregnant during the shoot and the baby bump had started to appear on her.

 3. Underwater Hair

The special effects in Aquaman were remarkable. Most of the movie had taken place underwater and it was a visual trance to dive into Arthur Curry’s kingdom. But one of the most phenomenal works in Aquaman was the character’s hair underwater. Since it was hard to shoot with real hair floating over their faces, the actors had pinned their hair and the rest was magic.

 4. Russian City

DCEU Movies That Were CGI
DCEU Movies That Were CGI

Most of us assumed that the smoke emerging from the Russian City after the attack by the Mother Box was shown with CGI. As to our surprise, it was the whole city that was a product of CGI. In case you were wondering up to what extent DCEU would use CGI, this is it. The entire city was shot with a green background.

 5. Superman’s Cape

The list of how fictional stories of Superman are different from the reality is unfathomable. Even though the capes are an essential part of Superman’s costume, performing stunts with them on the camera is not practical for the actors. Henry Cavil used CGI capes in Justice League to prevent them from getting in the way. Unlike the upper lip, his CGI cape was quite believable.

 6. Enchantress Costume

Regardless of the performance of the Suicide Squad, the appearance of The Enchantress was impressively precise to the comic book standards. It was made possible with the CGI dress and helmet used on Cara Delevingne.

 7. Atlantis

Aquaman Facts DC

Aquaman was lauded by fans and critics globally for its story and exceptional special effects. One of the most challenging tasks for the movie was creating the entire story underwater. But the CGI was so phenomenal that the aquatic world of Atlantis ended up looking dreamy and surreal. The mystical props in the underwater set were also produced by CGI.

 8. Mall Customers

The bystanders at the mall when Billy was punched in Shazam! were actually crew members. Since they had accidentally walked into the scene, the digital team added shopping bags and store uniforms on some of them.

 9. Themyscira Battle

While some a-list directors try to be as authentic as they can be and are even rewarded for it, there are others who’d make the entire cast digital if possible. Unlike most of the epic wars of Hollywood, the Themyscira Battle was digitalized completely. Due to safety measures, everything including horses was created digitally.

 10. Zod’s Armor

DCEU Movies That Were CGI
DCEU Movies That Were CGI

The Krypton weapons were not the only items in Man of Steel that were created by CGI. In fact, Zod’s entire costume was digitalized and he was wearing a motion capture suit during filming. It was surprising as most of the Kryptonians and their costumes were authentic.

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