The Major Reason Why Guardians Of The Galaxy May Be The Team To Beat In Avengers: Infinity War

Although Thanos had been looming on the sideline of Marvel movies, he really was put into the spotlight with the first Guardians Of The Galaxy movie. Audiences really got to see how much of a threat he actually was to the Marvel multi-verse when he was the main villain of the movie. Guardians member Gamora, who was also his daughter hated him enough to plot for a way to take him down and Nebula covered over his anger. The personal relationship also guaranteed the inclusion of the Guardians for Infinity War.

The Major Reason Why Guardians Of The Galaxy May Be The Team To Beat In Avengers: Infinity War

In his interview with Complex, James Gunn talked about the huge involvement of the Guardians in Avengers: Infinity War. As usual, Gunn was not shy in revealing some pivotal facts about the upcoming movie. Gunn said:

“You know listen, I don’t think we should overstate things that it is an Avengers movie, but the Guardians are a part of the cosmic universe, they’re a part of Thanos’ stories, so, they are in there, and they have, not the biggest, but, an integral part to that.”

Gunn also revealed that there will definitely be a third Guardians Of The Galaxy movie. He told the magazine:

“There will be a Guardians 3, that’s for sure. We’re trying to figure it out. I’m trying to figure out what I want to do really, that’s all it is. I got to figure out where I want to be, what I want to spend the next three years of my life doing. You know, I’m going to make another big movie; is it the Guardians or something else? I’m just going to figure it out over the next couple of weeks.”

The Guardians have been the underdog team of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as they were launched into the movie world as a virtually unknown team. They proved to win over old and new fans with their brand of humor and action.

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