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Thor vs Black Adam: Who Will Win?

Thor: Love and Thunder came out a while back, and we reckon it is acting as Marvel’s thunderous soldier against DC’s Black Adam, which will also hit the theatres pretty soon. These two of the strongest characters belong to Marvel and DC, respectively. And people want to know what would happen in a Thor vs Black Adam battle. For that, we will compare their powers as both just pack a wide range of abilities.


Starting with Thor, he has got the whole package with Superhuman Strength, durability, agility, stamina, and even a rapid healing factor. He can control and manipulate electricity. And he can even manipulate the weather. He has transcended to true Godhood with his Thor force now. And guess what, he is actively enchanting people with the power of the Gods! So with his enchantment abilities, he can create an army of Thors. That might diminish his power levels slightly. But hey, an army of Thors would be too much to handle for literally anyone!


On top of that, Thor has two of the most potent weapons. Both Mjolnir and Stormbreaker allow him to fly and channel his thunder. Mjolnir 2.0 can take down multiple enemies at once. While his ax, which has the blue aura of the Gods, can summon the Bifrost. So, Thor could travel anywhere in the entire Universe with it. Ultimately, Thor is a reservoir of powers and would be a formidable opponent for anyone.

But what would happen when he comes across Black Adam?


Black Adam

Initially, Teth Adam was the champion of the Wizards, and he got his powers from 6 Greek Gods. But then, he began to call upon the Egyptian Gods for his powers. So, when he yells Shazam, He gets his Superhuman Stamina and Invulnerability from Shu. Thanks to these powers, Adam’s body doesn’t produce any fatigue toxins. So, he gets limitless physical stamina during battles. His self-sustenance and invulnerability allow him to survive without food, water, or any other things of necessities.


Then comes his Super Speed and the ability to fly, granted by the God Horus. Adam’s balance and bodily coordination are enhanced to superhuman levels. So he can fly at supersonic speeds and swiftly respond to any attack. Next, he gets his superhuman strength from the King of Egyptian Gods, Amon. With this power, Adam can lift tanks with ease. And he can go toe to toe with the strongest beings like Shazam or Superman.


Then there’s his Wisdom which comes from The Egyptian God of learning, Zehuti. And along with that, he also gets enhanced senses. His sight, hearing, and smell are far greater than any average human. So, he can track his enemies across vast distances. Now let’s come to his specialty, which is his lightning abilities. Aton empowers Black Adam with his lightning abilities.


He can summon thunderstrikes and lightning bolts. He can form an electric shield around himself. And he can project bolts of powerful arcane lightning from any part of his body. Then finally, there’s his unmovable Courage and resilience, which he gets from the Egyptian snake-god Mehen. Apart from these abilities, Black Adam can also perform various magical spells. And with his magic, he can defeat Superman as well. But what about Thor?


Thor vs. Black Adam

Thor and Black Adam have been alive for centuries, and they’ve got so much battle experience. So, they should prove to be equals on the battlefield. They can manipulate each other’s lightning powers, so those abilities won’t be as effective in this fight. It would be tough to pick one winner, and the result might depend upon the writer. But if you think practically, Black Adam supersedes Thor with speed and intellect.


Thor vs Black Adam

Still, he would have to play smart against Thor, who has no weaknesses. On top of that, Thor just has a great defense and offense with his two weapons. And he would be at a significant advantage with his newfound enchantment abilities. After all, he can create a small battalion of Thors to go up against Black Adam. And while battling this battalion, Adam would also have to look out for attacks from Mjolnir and Stormbreaker.


Thor is a literal God, while God only empowers Black Adam. And Black Adam wasn’t even worthy of his powers, to begin with. He stole these powers by killing his nephew. He became a bitter anti-hero who doesn’t hold back. But while fighting villains and anti-heroes, Thor doesn’t hold back either. So, if Thor were to unleash his full might, then he would best Black Adam for sure! After all, Black Adam has lost many fights against Shazam, and Thor has even bested Shazam in the Marvel vs. DC crossover event.


So, a Thor vs Black Adam battle will go in Thor’s favor in most cases. But still, you guys should let us know if you agree or disagree with this answer in the comments section.

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