Iron Man Will Break Your Heart [Wolverine Style]

When Logan first premiered its first trailer, fans around the world were blown away by the immense depth of the upcoming film. Wolverine was portrayed in a way that was unimaginable but that did not detract fans. Unlike other X-Men or Wolverine films, Logan steered clear of “ the hero beating the bad  guy”. Angle which is prominent in every superhero film. James Mangold’s Wolverine seemed more like a drama than an action film. The use of Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” also added an air of emotional dramatics.

Fans liked the trailer so much that they started making their own trailers with their favorite superheroes, which has included Superman with “Hurt” playing in the background. The latest superhero to finally get the Logan is Marvel superstar Iron Man. Youtube user DrFlashpoint made a trailer that featured all three Iron Man movies along with snippets from Captain America: Civil War.


For fans of Iron Man, it is quite a treat to see the indomitable personality that is Tony Stark captured in a somber setting. Even though in reality he is somber sometimes, but nothing to this dramatic end. There are some memorable quotes from Tony stark throughout the trailer but it does not have the same elaborate effect that Logan’s trailer does.

Iron Man

The fan trailer is a great example of the depth that a character can portray in film. The character has been known to contain some demons of self-hatred and self-destruction. As the Iron Man movies are a PG-13 rating, it is doubtful that Marvel will delve into the more complicated nature of the character as Logan seems to have done. As Logan is Hugh Jackman’s last stand as Wolverine, it may be easy to say that Fox gave some liberties to James Mangold and company for the execution of the film. As iron man is a prime player in MCU, it is doubtful that we have entered the era character study for Tony Stark as of yet.

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