5 Spider-Man Villains That Were Portrayed Right and 5 That Couldn’t Go More Wrong

In the series of Spider-man movies, when Sony declared the movie under Marc Webb ownership of “The Amazing Spiderman”, The Fans and the audience were less enthusiastic about the movie and seemingly mundane. Where, On the other hand, the “Spiderman: Homecoming” proves to be a huge success and the audience couldn’t be more cheerful and jovial about this one, But in all of the Spiderman movies, they had one thing in common i.e., Villains. In some of the movies they got them projected right but in other, they seemed wrong. Today we’ll look at 5 of them who got it right and 5 of them who got wrong.

1.) Wrong; Electro

There was one thing very common in “The Spiderman 3” and “The Amazing Spiderman – 2” too much of the antagonists in one movie, but on one side the wishes of the fans to see them together came true, Basically which was the requirement of Sinister six (bunch of villains who never spotted together). Electro a.k.a ‘Max Dillon, who was played by Jamie Foxx, was a cray laboratory worker who got the insane amount of electrical powers and wrong motivation to kill spiderman because of his misunderstanding.

2.) Right; Green Goblin

Norman Osborn a.k.a, ‘Green Goblin’ played by the great actor William Defoe, who was not all that strongest enemy of Spiderman but was the main character who kills Gwen Stacy, unfortunately, who was not in the movie, but in this movie, he manages to create the same raging situation by putting Mary Jane’s life into danger and risking thousands of lives traveling in the tram. Well, In this, the Audience wasn’t fortunate enough to see green goblin kicking the broomstick and flying, like in the comic books, rather he had a more badass costume and a flying machine with various weapons attached to it.

3.) Wrong; Venom

Venom, One of the coolest and the black-hearted antagonist of the Spider-Man series in Marvel comic universe who has the ability to bring the life of Spiderman to ruin and have the unique personality as a villain. Role of Venom in the Spiderman 3 movie, which was played actor Topher Grace, didn’t bring the role to justice as audience and the fans expected it to be, resulting in failure of the casting of the venom and the actor looked nothing like Eddie Brock.

4.) Right; Dr. Octopus

One the best portrayal as an antagonist in the Marvel cinematic universe, Dr. Octopus or Dr. Otto Octavious did an awesome job in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 2 and keeping him close to the role like in most of the comic book series. A good scientist and a good man who was respected by Peter Parker. Promptly turns into a psychopath after a tragic happening and attaching himself to the six big metal arms who ended up by doing the good deeds.

5.) Wrong; James Franco’s Green Goblin

Son of Norman Osborn, Harry Osborn who was also a very good friend of the Peter Parker. Harry finds out that spiderman killed his father and wanted to avenge his father’s death by punishing spiderman and putting him to never-ending sorrows. Harry’s character played a magnificent role both in Spiderman 1 and Spiderman 2. But in Spiderman 3, Harry’s Character’s shades change simultaneously three times which was very unnecessary and his outfit didn’t even look like Green Goblin’s.

6.) Right; The Burglar

Playing as an Antagonist in Spiderman 1, He shoots and killed his uncle Ben who was a father figure to Peter Parker. In the first encounter with the Burglar, Peter let him leave with the money when he had the chance to stop him, which shows the selfishness of Peter Parker. After this incident of his uncle getting killed, Peter realized that with great abilities comes great responsibilities and making him realize the shame of failing to stop criminals.

7.) Wrong; The Shocker

Herman Schultz, Who always wanted to be taken seriously, was not all that strongest enemy of Spider-Man but proves to be the cruel antagonist in the movie “Spider-man: Homecoming” who throws electrical punches and shock waves which increases his strength insurmountably, but at last he ends up being more of a joke but the factual problem was his costume, where fans or audience wanted him to be in a full-bodied costume. Two shockers in the movie each portraying different personalities that didn’t seem to have justice done to the role.

8.) Right; The Lizard

An awfully CGI’D villain who looks like a Lizard. The movie “Amazing Spiderman 2” did justice to the role of lizard. Curt Connors who lost his arm and wanted to regain it by the experiment which eventually goes wrong and turn him into a big giant lizard and his wrong intentions by turning everyone into a lizard. His life was also a tragic one before he was hit by the accident and by gaining the mad capabilities he wanted to apply that same procedure to human beings.

9.) Wrong; The Rhino

The Rhino is a character who was a part of an insane experiment being performed on him, as a result, he gained super strength and mad capabilities. He is also a match to Spiderman’s powers. The Rhino a.k.a., Aleksei Sytsevich in “The Amazing Spiderman 2” was played by the great actor Paul Giamatti, but the fact that his English/Russian accent did not match the character and on the other hand, his costume was only an iron suit which he was piloting.

10.) Right; Sandman


A Character who is basically a cruel and agonized antagonist of all and the strongest enemy of Spiderman in the comics. But in the movie “Spiderman 3”, Sam Raimi took the biggest risk of playing him from the origin basis which was robbing for his family and once he fell down in an experimenting void, being experimented and turning into Sandman. Discerning his performance in the movie, that was appreciated by the fans and audience.

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