10 Marvel Superheroes Stronger Than Hulk That Haven’t Been Used

The mightiest Hulk who is considered as the strongest antagonist in the Marvel comic universe is basically not the robust one. As there are more powerful superheroes than him, which Marvel comic universe hasn’t revealed yet, which tends to let our audience or fans to believe that he is the strongest one there could ever be. Today we’ll be looking at the 10 most powerful superhero who is more fierce than “The Hulk”.

1).  Adam Warlock

A superhero who was brought to existence by the scientists. His powers are way beyond and above anyone else, a ruler of the earth who denies the wants of his makers and uses his powers for good as he was likely to have the powers similar to the Thor’s. In the ‘Infinity Revelation,’ he jumps the time and encounters the first Avengers team, when both Hulk and Thor use their powers on Warlock, which didn’t affect him a bit rather he tackled them with no effort at all. The whole team of the Avengers got defeated by him in a flinch.

2). Power Princess

Zarda or Power Princess who is the answer to the DC’s Wonder Woman by the Marvel Comic Universe and is the member of “Squadron Supreme”. She has the unbeatable powers like heat vision, Flight, Super strength, Super speed and have the ability to summon the shield which is invisible and made up of unbreakable things. Her entry in Marvel universe was more than fight. One of her fight with Hulk, in which she thrashed hulk like it was nothing and leaving him knocked out.

3). Genis – Vell

A powerful superhero who was cloned from his father’s DNA who was Mar-vell, aka Captain Marvel. Genis – vell was made believe that he was the son of eternal Starfox by the wrong memories which were placed into his mind. Genis went insane as figured out that killed everyone, and was also given the name of the ‘Mad God’, after that he saved himself. Talking about his powers he has the mad abilities of traveling time, control’s reality and time, can throw powerful energy blasts, knows how to be omnipresent and can put life into the dead. With this kind of mighty powers, he can vanquish hulk in a jiff.

4). Silver Surfer

An effective handler of the Cosmic power, a power which was granted to him by the Galactus. The surfer has defeated the Hulk number of times in numerous occurrences and has the expansive amount of capabilities like he can re-form the molecules, can control gravity, is telekinetic, can time travel and have many unique abilities that anyone could ever imagine. The Surfer’s ability of Cosmic Powers hindered bruce banner to turn into the big green giant.

5). Captain Universe

A bodiless power which possesses the individual and gives him the insurmountable abilities to solve the problem. The person or an individual who  possesses these powers become multiple times vigorous and fierce than the Hulk. Once when sue storm possessed this power, she defeated the gladiator (a person so strong who can take any attack and have destroyed half of the universe) without any effort, when possessed by these powers Spider-Man once punched the Hulk into space and a person named William Nguyen was possessed by these capabilities, he punched juggernaut so hard that his helmet fell-off which also left him unconscious.

6). Gladiator

A leader of the Shi’ar imperial guard and a member of Stronian species considered to be the strongest of all in the entire universe. He has all the powers which superman possesses and some more in addition to it with all the sensory powers. His nature of being so hyper-aggressive and violent that once he punched wonder woman so hard that she ends up in the exact center of the earth and kicked Thor’s hammer into the city in spite of not being worthy of it. He is only fragile when he is self-confident.

7). Tyrant

A powerful mad creature who was created by the Supreme Galactus, fueled by anger, rage, violence and the lust for killing his creator as they both have faced each other multiple times, Tyrant always use to walk away from the fight which make him more powerful as he is very scared of his own mighty powers. His powers are so everlasting that he has defeated Gladiator, knocked out Genis – Vell and beta ray bill with hardly any effort. Tyrant has the large hoard of robot army as well. It is very funny if Tyrant is compared with the green one.

8). Sun God

Zoran, aka the Sun God from the different world is the strongest in the universe. He and his team “The Great Society” conquer an attack which was brought to their planet by the group of Mapmakers. Once they also have to deal with the group Illuminati which comprises of Doctor Strange, Ironman, Black Panther, Black Bolt, and Namor. After encountering with the members of the earth – 616, their world realise that nothing could save them rather they only had ‘Hope’ left. In the defence when they start fighting and the Sun God takes on the Hulk, he destroyed him with only two strikes.

9). Hyperion

Hyperion is the strongest and fiercest of all. He is the mightiest answer to Superman, and power much like him i.e. he can fire 12000 degrees of energy blast, have an atomic vision and is so powerful that he has survived the two world diverging. As a member of Squadron Supreme and Avengers, he was also considered as the strongest superhero in the whole universe. After his planet was destroyed by the Genis – vell, he was rescued by his grandmaster. On his way to Earth 616, he discovered that the power he gets from the sun is not filtered. His Capabilities of destruction was so powerful that end up destroying the whole of the Atlantis.

10). Cyttorak


A mystical entity who controls the essence of the universe is numerous billion years old. A mighty power which can negate 1/5 of the Pheonix power as seen in

“The Avengers vs The X-men”. Juggernaut is his embracement on the Earth, his powers are only a fragment of Cyttorak. Even Oblivion cannot match his mightiest powers who is one of the abstract beings of the universe. But he is not all that powerful from the other strongest superheroes in the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”.

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