5 Superheroes And Villains Who Have Beaten The Hulk’s Green Ass

Hulk has been thought to be an indestructible force in the comic books. And why not, he has proved that he could take on anyone and everyone who stands against him, but that does not mean he always wins. Here are five heroes and villains who have beaten The Hulk in a fight.

1) Iron Man:


Bruce Banner and Tony Stark have been known to be two of the most brilliant minds that reside in the Marvel world. The duo has also been colleagues on and off after they both joined The Avengers. This does not mean that they always get along, in fact, there are a few fights that occur because Banner turns into The Green Giant and logical reasoning is thrown out the door. Iron Man managed to give Hulk a major K.O after he punched the green giant unconscious. Where did this happen? In Iron Man #132, Iron Man uses all his armor’s energy ( which nearly killed him) to execute a major blow on Hulk.

2) Silver Surfer:


The Silver Surfer has a history of being a bad ass with The Hulk. In Tales to Astonish #92-93, Silver Surfer literally smacks him with his surfboard and in another scene used the power cosmic to render him unconscious. In Incredible Hulk #250, Silver Surfer asks him to help him break through the force field that was keeping him on Earth called the Galactus. When Hulk flips out on him, the Surfer removes the gamma radiation from Hulk’s body using his power cosmic. Bruce Banner was cured for a while there.

3) Batman:

In a 1981 special crossover, Batman encounters The Green Giant and handles him in the most batman way ever. The Hulk started a rampage at Wayne Tech for one reason or the other, which rendered Batman’s hand to save the lab. Batman uses a knockout gas grenade on him and kicked him into the solar plexus where he was trapped long enough to be knocked out.

4) Thor:


Thor and Hulk have had some epic battles in the past but 2001’s Incredible Annual was a memorable one. Thor used a sneak attack lightning bolt to the back of Hulk’s head, knocking the Green giant unconscious. Thor picks him up and flies up in the air but when he gains conscious he beats Thor unconscious.

5) Doctor Doom:


Doctor Doom more or less defeated him at the beginning of FF #320 by scrambling the impulses in his brain until he agreed to help Doom retake Latveria.

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