How did Ultron Get The Soul Stone And The Reality Stone in What If…?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded to unprecedented depths in the last few years. Ever since Infinity War and Endgame, we are seeing quite a different MCU than before. Many people expected that things will slow down after the Infinity saga ended but Marvel Studios seems to have no intention of slowing down. Every episode ends with a new cliffhanger in What if…? And Episode 7 takes it a step further by presenting an Ultron with all Infinity Stones at the end. But our question is How did Ultron get the Soul stone and the Reality Stone in What If…?.

The What If…? episodes seem to take a hard left turn when you least expect it. While watching the latest episode of the show we expected that things would be rather chill considering the main theme of the episode was Party Thor. But no, there was a big twist at the end that even had the most skeptical fan shrieking with the combination of fear and delight. Ultron showed up with all the six infinity stones and what looked like the body of vision. It seems that the AI overlord has achieved his perfect form in this timeline. He even brought an army with him.


While all of this is good to build anticipation for the series finale of What If…? We are still left with some major unanswered questions about this Thanos. Our primary concern is just how did Ultron get the soul stone and the reality stone. The soul stone was on Vormir and no one would have known the location of it except Gamora. Moreover, it requires the sacrifice of someone you love, which would be hard for Ultron to accomplish.


How did Ultron Get The Soul Stone And The Reality Stone?

Additionally, the reality stone was trapped in Musphelheim and there is no conceivable way to get to the dimension without the aid of Asgardians. So how did Ultron acquire these stones and that too so fast? Well, we think this Ultron variant is a time traveler. Hold on, hear us out. It is obvious that Ultron is too powerful for our understanding. He has his perfect body and the greatest weapons in the universe. It can be no mere accident that the most obvious villain is in complete control.


It almost seems like Ultron had prior knowledge of everything, including the Odin sleep. We think that this Ultron came from a future where he was defeated by the Avengers but did not perish at the hands of vision because the vision was never created. Ergo this Ultron must have been successful in creating the perfect body but not much else. He might have still lost in Sokovia and escaped into hiding, much like his comic counterpart.


After which the villain would have liked his time until time travel was invented by Stark and then struck at the perfect moment to capture the technology. This would have allowed him to travel back in time and collect the stones in the perfect moment of time. This would also circumvent the problem of getting the soul stone as he could have just murdered Clint as he was leaving with it. The reality stone would have been easier after the acquisition of the space stone from Odin’s vault.


The Time Travelling Menace

To a time traveler things like the perfect moment to strike are merely a question of pushing a button. After Ultron would have time-traveled to collect all the stones he would be just about ready to create his own army. This would have resulted in him attacking Wakanda and stealing their vibranium. After all his preparation Ultron would have been ready to exact his vengeance on the Avengers and he seems to do exactly that at the end of the episode. We are still a couple of episodes way from the final battle but it can be assumed that Ultron is the main villain of the show now.


If this is true then this is the threshold where Ultron’s time traveler’s knowledge ends. After this point, the robot must use his capabilities and the stones to destroy the Avengers and exact his revenge. Do you think that he will be successful in this endeavor? Or will the Avengers best him back as they have done before? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC and Hollywood.

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