10 DC Villains Who Fell In Love With The Heroes

It has often been said in hush tones, that love transcends all boundaries. Well in these incidences, the above-mentioned reaffirms once faith in so-called love. But, beware these are just comic references meant to sway your heart towards the longing of wanting and attention. In all fairness villains also have a heart, and many a time it falls for that one person who is the complete opposite of your persona and character. So, here is bringing to you a list of 10 DC comics villains who fell for their enemy aka heroes.

Plastique & Captain Atom

The Vietnam War veteran turned superhero, gained the ability to absorb energy, and channel the absorbed energy to wreak any kind of havoc. However, the patriotic hero fell in love with the villainess named Plastique. Their love affair transpired into marriage and then divorce, but all of it happened behind the panels. However, the tales of their love can be heard and read through several issues.

Catwoman & Batman

Since her implication into the Batman narrative, all the way back in 1940, the Catwoman has been one of the major attractions of Batman’s attention. Irrespective of the reasons, Selina has been to date considered as the greatest villains and the greatest love interest of Batman’s life. In the Earth-2 narrative, both of them have even been married and have a daughter named Helena.

Star Sapphire & Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

There have been very few versions, which shine the light on the origin story of the power couple. One such narrative witnessed Carol Ferris aka Star Sapphire, hire a pilot Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern and their love story take off from there. But once the two attained their powers, they were pitted against each other by the immortal Zamaron warriors, who wanted Carol to be their queen. Their love story is probably the most complicated love story among all the DC couples.

Cheshire & Speedy

Green Arrow’s sidekick Roy Harper aka Speedy, eventually went on to become the Red Arrow. Fell for the assassin Cheshire aka Jade Nguyen during a raid as a drug enforcement agent. As a professional killer, Cheshire has gone up against the likes of Titans and the Young Justice.

Maxima & Superman

Maxima and Superman’s relation seemed more of an obsession from Maxima’s side, rather than love. She firmly believes that both of them are the perfect genetic match, and wishes to make the ultimate babies with his help. Maxima over the ages have gone from being a villain to a Justice Leaguer, with no waiver in her aim to be with the ‘Man of Steel’.

Big Barda & Mr. Miracle

In a bid to keep their worlds from fighting, Highfather traded his son Scott aka Mister Miracle to Darkseid on Apokolips. Scott was constantly tortured by the sadistic Granny Goodness along with Barda, as he was growing up. Although for Barda it was a part of her training for being the leader of the Furies, which was a team of super villainesses being prepared to serve Darkseid’s evil wishes. Together both Barda and Scott escaped to Earth from Apokolips and settled there after getting married.

Killer Frost & Firestorm

Not all love stories have a happy ending, Louise Lincoln was the first one to don the mantle of Killer Frost. But it was her who later on went by the name Killer Frost. The whole plot started with Louise Lincoln falling in love with her former professor Martin Stein aka Firestorm. After being rejected by Professor Stein, Louise Lincoln went on to change her moniker name from Crystal Frost to Killer Frost, with the sole motive of destroying Firestorm.

Thorn & Green Lantern (Alan Scott)

The first Green Lantern before the Flashpoint would witness quite a few villainesses fall for him over the years. But the most tragic love affair was of Alan Scott and Thorn. The plot witnessed Thorn having a split personality disorder, with the good side Rose Canton starting her relationship with Alan Scott and having twins while keeping her evil side at bay for a long time. But eventually, Thorn makes a return, forcing Rose to put her kids up for adoption and leaving it to Alan to save their kid’s life. In the ultimate sacrifice, Rose Canton kills herself, to save Alan and the Kids from imminent danger.

Defacer & Nightwing

Dick Grayson in his robin days had taken down an art terrorist and his sidekick Shawn Tsang aka ‘Defacer’. Later on, during Nightwing’s heroic escapades in Bludhaven, he encounters a reformed Tsang, who hires Grayson into the city’s night watch. Tsang however still dons her mantle of the ‘Defacer’ and as the leader of the Run-offs, who are former criminals that left Gotham to escape Batman and reform their lives in the city of Bludhaven. Although their love story is short-lived, it is still considered one of the best romances during the DC Rebirth era.

Blacksun & Batgirl

This was another short-lived romantic escapade between Ethan Cobblepot aka Blacksun, also the son of the notorious criminal Penguin, and Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon. Both of them meet at a charity event and immediately start dating. Although Barbara intends to do a thorough background check on Ethan, Cobblepot seems to be truly falling for Barbara. Unfortunately, that is not the case and Ethan dons the mantle of Blacksun, only to be taken out by Batgirl.

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